Get Out of Your Way, by Layton Park

Book Review: Highly recommended ‘your life is a reflection of your inner life’

After two solid weeks of reading and re-reading this book, I realise that it is possible to plant a seed (a wish or desire) into the conscious mind. The subconscious mind will then attract the conditions that will enable this seed to flourish. The subconscious mind, left to its own devices, is a cruel taskmaster. The information that Layton Park offers to us is about learning a new skill. The skill of re programming our mind so that we may use this untapped force to enhance our lives and raise our vibration upwards to a place where negatives do not control our thoughts.

Layton Park is from British Columbia, Canada and is a Certified Behavioural Analyst. By simplifying the process of self-hypnosis he has identified that certain laws of the mind exist and that when they are put into practise, one’s goals can be achieved.

Each chapter begins with a factual statement. For instance, chapter six which is entitled, Did You Hear What You Said? begins with the statement, ‘The Law of Mind states that all causation is mental. Your thoughts become your realities. Your thoughts are creative. You become what you think about most of the time. Think continually about the things that you really want, and refuse to think about the things you do not want.’ We know that what you focus upon grows, but the above statement helps to unravel the sometimes confusing subject of how the mind works.

Another law that Layton has identified is the Law of Correspondence. It states that ‘your life is a reflection of your inner life’. I was amazed to learn that whilst preparing for the 1980 Olympic games the Soviet Union team used visualisation practises as part of its training programme. An experiment was set up to monitor different training techniques. The team that visualised winning 75% of the time and practised their skill 25% of the time won more medals than the team that practised their skill 75% of their time and visualised winning for 25% of their time.

One of the last pages in this inspiring book states that, ‘everyone has a seed of greatness in them, and it will take sprout and grow with just a little nourishment and encouragement. All you have to do is truly decide what you want…then get out of your way’.

When you buy this book, an added bonus is the meditation CD that is tucked into the back cover. I found that listening to Layton Park’s (yummy!) voice guiding you through certain relaxation techniques, helped me to focus more deeply.

Faced with the daunting task of writing a review for this book and at the same time learning about the subject of how to focus the mind, I realise that I still have some way to go before I master its message. I suggest that you read this book for yourself, some things you can only practise alone.

About the author: Layton Park is a Certified Behavioural Analyst, his clients include large sales organizations and sports teams. He founded the Canadian Hypnosis Institute.

Get Out Of Your Way: Unlocking the Power of Your Mind to Get What You Want (Paperback), by Layton Park: Amazon UK, Amazon USA

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications, U.S.; Pap/Com edition (31 Mar 2007) Publisher’s website , ISBN-10: 0738710520, ISBN-13: 978-0738710525

Paperback: 240 pages

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