Exploring Consciousness Through Meditation

Just before the New Year, I decided to start a meditation class in January for the first time in Dubai. I called it “Meditate on Mondays” because it was literally that- we meet to mediate for 60-90 minutes each week.

What prompted me to do so, were remarks made by a couple of friends of mine. One said that when she started a meditation class, she was only able to meditate for a few minutes only; but after a few weeks she was able to sit comfortably and meditate for 45 minutes. It seemed, her objective was fulfilled. Another said that he was unable to switch off and leave the day behind, was the reason why he attended that class too.

Meditate on Mondays

So, a mixed group of people attended my class, some with trepidation as to what to expect from this class. When I asked why they were interested in joining; the consensus was to “de-stress” or “to still their mind chatter”.  I raised a few eyebrows when I said, “that’s not the reason why we meditate, it’s an added benefit or side effect”.

While meditation means different things to different people; to me, it’s the time to step out of my own mind, and “commune” with, or surrender to, Higher Intelligence. And I’d like to tell you why.

During the day, while you are busy attending to the tasks of the day, your bran vibrates at beta wave length. However, when you mediate, you relax because you are focusing on that activity alone and being mindful of your breath. Your breath deepens as a result, and the heart rate settles down. At that point, the brain starts vibrating at alpha level. It feels expanded. Most people stop there.

The Alpha State

However, what I experiences is this sense of stepping out of the usual mental constraints, where the mind begins to connect to something else. I do not believe that you cannot absolutely still the mind. The brain’s job is to receive and transmit thought. What happens when you mediate, and enter alpha, you begin to take command of your mind, with more ease. You begin to journey to domains that are not available otherwise; and experience a certain kind of expansion. Let’s call it awareness.

For me, mediation is the gateway to awaken, feel connected, and evolve one’s consciousness. That expansion is reflected in our dreams. The subconscious changes, unfolds, as you consciously work with your mind. The key to that gateway, is the breath. The question then becomes, WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO, when you mediate?

The Journey Into Consciousness

I concluded my introduction by explaining to the class that we will be together for eight weeks. Each week is a journey. And intention is what directs that journey.

Within two or three sessions, novice Monday Meditators travelled, and time-travelled, far and wide within this wondrous universe of energy, or consciousness; they learnt how to sense and communicate with energy fields, and how to navigate with their mind’s eye!

Moreover, they started dreaming, and they experienced a certain integration when the unconscious becomes conscious as they began to understand the language of dreams.

I am so excited because they all decided to continue and start the second eight-week Meditate on Mondays sessions. Once they learnt to release preconceived expectations – there’s was no telling where they’ll go!

What’s your experience with meditation? please leave a comment below and let me know.

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