Evolutionary Pathways

poem by Rebekah Bloom

We think we’re victims but we just don’t see
We are whatever we choose to be
For every decision we make in the present
The seed of the future is inherent

Our parents have taught us another idea
Passed down through generations but based on fear

And now we’ve forgotten why we are here
We cling to the past, worry what’s coming next
We seem to live our lives in constant regret

But we are beginning to awake and starting to remember
As the Creator stokes the evolutionary ember
And every member of the human race
Will soon have to find their place on the evolutionary scale

Though wherever you are you cannot fail
Its just Mother Earth is moving in opposite directions
Based on our subconscious reflections
So if you choose to fear and hate
That is what will be your fate
You’re state of mind will draw to you

Fear and Hate in all you say and do
But if instead you choose love and tranquillity
You will start to live in your true divinity

As the Gods and Goddesses that we really are
Illuminating the light from our great Star
For this physical body is not really here
It’s a hologram of light that was originally clear

But over time its been tainted by fear and greed
That was not part of the DNA programme of our original seed
And if you heed what I am saying it’s because we can no longer hide
It time to let go and stop the fight and accept that we are being led

By following our Hearts and not our heads
For we have already made the decision and only in the stillness can we listen
In order to envision what we want to manifest

We no longer need to guess or walk through life with closed eyes
It’s time to open them, spread wings and fly
To the next dimension that is ready and waiting

Pure and untouched with love its pulsating
Radiating peace and harmony for us to start again
As pure light beings in this new game
Cos whatever we do now we cannot stop
Mother Earth’s need to purge the rot

So stop falling victim to this 3D reality
That has kept us locked in Karmic causality
Radiate love and light from your inner soul
And it will be returned to you 1000 fold
For every one of us are aspects of the Creator that is the ALL

And in the silence you can hear the call
Of the Great Goddess who has come to help us out
All we need to do is trust without doubt
And start living Life as a wonderful and magical gift
And remember to smile as the earth shifts……..

© Rebekah Bloom rebekahshaman.com/

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