Elemental Palmistry (Chirology)

Carolyne Taylor's Elemental palmistry, also known as chirology, is based on the elements of earth, water, fire and air

Carolyne Taylor’s Elemental palmistry, also known as chirology, is based on the elements of earth, water, fire and air. Both hands are looked at the shape, fingers, lines and more are all examined. It is methodical, and because it has the system of the elements, it’s fairly easy to learn the basics, with the potential of a lifetime’s learning.

The four elements relate to every area of the hand, and how they appear shows how they manifest in the person. Earth relates to the physical body, family and structure, and to dependability, practicality, and dislike of change. Water relates to the emotions, shows how the person connects with others, relationship issues, their inner ego and their sensitivity. Fire relates to the persona, ambition, creativity, and a need to be active and to create change. Air relates to the person’s mind and communication abilities. It shows how complex their thinking is, and the sort of things they like to think about. There is also a fifth element, ether. It is the spiritual element that contains the other four. Everyone has it equally, and the four elements are its manifestation through us.

There are four basic handshakes, which each relate to an element and give a general indication of the person. Each of the fingers also relates to an element, the thumb being ruled by ether. The forefinger relates to water, the middle finger to earth, the ring finger to fire and the little finger to air. Finger length, tip-shape, direction, joints and more are all important in a consultation.

There are four basic fingerprint shapes, which each correlate to an element and give important indications of a person’s character. The whorl (air) print is a spiral or concentric circles. It indicates a thinker, a loner with a creative, self-contained mind. The loop (water) print forms a lasso-like pattern. It shows a likeable person who makes friends easily and is influenced by other people. This is the most common print.

The arch (earth) print looks like an archway. A person with arch prints is stubborn, good with their hands and dislikes change. The tented arch (fire) is the least common print, and is shaped like a ridge-pole tent. It shows someone whose mind is constantly on the go, relishes change, and needs a creative outlet. The finger on which a print is found on gives the context for the meaning of the print, and how strong the characteristics of a print are depends on how many and which fingers it is seen.

Each of the lines on the palm is also ruled by an element. The life line is the major earth line. The heart line is the major water line, and the head line the major air line. The major fire line is a short, straight line, which runs on the thumb side of the major earth line. Then there are the minor lines. The minor earth line is also known as the fate line, and the minor fire line as the sun line. There are a few minor water lines, known as the girdle of Venus, line of intuition, and addiction/poison lines. The minor air line is the health line in traditional palmistry. Not only is the quality of each line important, but also where they originate and terminate, and how they move across the palm.

Markings which appear by the lines are also important, as they show an interruption to the line’s flow. The type of marking and the strength of the line afterwards shows whether its influence is good or bad. There are many other things the elemental palmist takes into consideration. Such as the nails, skin texture, the length of the thumb, where rings are worn, and whether there are any patterns on the palm such as loops.

© Carolyne Taylor.

Carolyne is based in Glastonbury, and has been doing elemental palmistry (previously called Chinese hand analysis) for over fifteen years. She runs the isle of Avalon foundation course introduction to palmistry. For further information on Carolyne have a look at her website www.spiritdancer.co.uk/

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