Dying Waves

I walked and walk to remember the moment to forget,

By Gaia


I walked and walk to remember

the moment to forget,

the second I trembled

was the minute it took to fade..

yes I do remember

how I heard my steps surrender,

the breath of breaking waves..

inhale it said, inhale me and remember,

your steps are my surrender,

I melt in your embrace like fire melting thunder,

your kiss is where I break..

you scatter feelings over my shores,

I heal you.. mend your sores,

then steal you.. from your self ..

render you helpless.. again..

and again I own you..

you are me,

I bathe you in my sea,

paint you over my sky and die..

into your eternal sigh..

you’re mine.. can’t you see,

I pour you over me..

and over me you swim,

along my spine,

along my chin ..

crawling under me..

I crawl.. and die ..

over you and over you again

I breathe the breaking waves

of rocks and salt, and steam..

I inhale, exhale,

and Inhale and turn away..

again.. from me ..and more..

over you again and again ..

I finally faint after a thousand deaths,

I lie next to your grave,

resurrect my pains..

and start all over..


©Gaia 2003


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