Dreams are as old at time itself

The very first dream to ever be recorded is that of Egypt’s, crown prince, Amenhotep II, who, while out hunting, stopped in the shade of the Sphinx to rest. As he fell into a slumber, the God, Harmakhis – Horus of the Horizon, appeared to him and commanded that he restores the Sphinx, as it was at least half covered with desert sand. Amenhotep II was promised a reward, to be made king of all the land of Egypt. When the prince awoke, he organised for the uncovering of the Sphinx. He became king and took the name, Tuthmose IV (1425-1408) BCE. He erected a stele (pillar) between the paws of the Sphinx to describe this extraordinary event.

Though most precognitions are experienced in dreams, not all dreams are precognitions! Modern dream interpreters approach dreams from the perspective of them being messages from the unconscious mind. They can not only foretell events, but also give information about life paths, cautions, medical ailments and other valuable information. In the past, Gods were the message givers, now, we consider that our own mind, subconsciously, knows more than we do consciously, and gets vital information to us by way of dreams.

Dear Wendy

I have always vivid dreams of houses, homes and rooms that I have never seen before. I can draw floor plans and describe colours of the rooms, the furniture and other details of the buildings that I see in my dreams – they are so clear as to be as real as my current home. There are always different ‘feelings’ associated with these dreams according to the house or room. One very specific dream was of a house with an outside garden and driveway. I got the feeling the house was located in a beautiful district, even though I have never been there. I saw a middle-aged man standing there, holding hands with a young boy. With this dream, I had a strange feeling of recognition, but it was not frightening. Is it possible that this is a precognitive dream?  PK

Dear PK

Dreams of houses are quite common, perhaps one in every twenty dreams will feature a homestead of some kind. But this dream is not about bricks and mortar, but is about your most valuable property, the one you permanently live in – your body and mind.

The house is a symbol of your life, and your dream emotions are associated with what is going on for you at this particular time; such as stress, disinterest, or optimism and caring. Every emotion will be reflected. Is the building you visit, untidy, in ruins, prosperous or well managed? This reflects your life. The man is representative of your male side, and your inner child. They are holding hands, which means that your feelings are protected and the house, your body will be well cared for.

I would suggest you record your dreams and see if a pattern emerges. Prophetic dreams are fascinating. Premonitions most frequently occur in dreams and many have been well documented, such as that of President Abraham Lincoln who dreamed of his assassination and funeral the day before his murder occurred. Many warning dreams are described in the stories of the Titanic disaster, the R101 airship, and the coal slag heap which fell on a children’s school in Aberfan, Wales in 1966.

I have chosen for PK a card titled Willow from the Spirit of Nature Oracle by John Matthews and Will Worthington. It depicts a leafy willow tree branch in an evening landscape. The subtitle is: From harmony comes inspiration. This is our source of fulfilment and is not just an ancient concept but a modern one also.

The willow loves the water and has boat shaped leaves which guide us on our journey through life. The willow quickly regrows when coppiced and can regrow if a branch is planted in the soil. Therefore, it is a symbol for renewal and vitality. The willow gave an ancient remedy for pain and aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) derives from the bark. It is good luck when used in house building. Basketry is the latest use of willow is for all kinds of artworks, including containers because its handmade exhibits are individual and biodegradable.

ahlam saeeda!

Wendy Stokes has supported dreamers for decades, and she interpreted dreams for the Daily Mirror Magazine throughout 1999. If you would like a dream interpreted, please email your dream to: w.stokeslondon@gmail.com

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