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Are you a Star Trek fan? Then, like me, you probably love the Holo-deck and understand its purpose. That is (mostly) what your dreams are: a safe place to play out probabilities, different realities, and what-if scenarios, without physically venturing out on a limb.

This is also where fantasies are played out, inspirational fruits are picked, and insights and answers to questions are obtained. It is your own psyche’s way of allowing an understanding of your past, reviewing and assessing the present, or preparing you to deal with what is to come. Other times, it is where personal frustrations are vented out!

If you listen to your intuition and work on developing it, you would be able to deal with the past (off-load unnecessary baggage), understand your present, and make learned decisions about future choices – in other words, be able to get self-guidance through your dreams.

I believe we all have ‘ourselves’, our cognitive, logical abilities to rely on. But we also have an intuitive wise part, what is often referred to as our higher self, which knows not only a probable future outcome, but also what is the better option or how to proceed at every juncture of our lives. It knows and holds our best interest.

We might experience that ‘intangible’ wiser part when we have a feeling about something, or a premonition that we should do something, or not do it. Other times it comes as a piercing thought. Have you ever caught yourself saying: “I don’t why, but I have a strong feeling about it?” It is that part that offers hints or signposts along our journey- if only we were to notice them. Sometimes, we connect with that on a subconscious level when we dream because then the logical side of the brain is not in control; and the intuitive half gets to work. Logic, if you like, is out of the way when you are asleep and intuitive information is allowed to come through and find its way to you in a dream. The language, in which your dreams speak to you, is your own.

The Language of Dreams

Dreams are your mind’s indirect way of giving you useful information in a language that is formed by your conscious and subconscious beliefs, memories and symbols that stand out in your mind; also your own fears and hopes. If two people were to have an identical dream, the interpretation and meaning may be entirely different because the mind’s language differs from person to person. Each would have created that dream using their mind’s language, or dictionary, and therefore symbols, events or people they dream about would represent and hold individually different meaning to each of them.

Start A Dream Journal

I now have about 10 dream journals and the number is rising! A few days ago I picked one up thinking to myself ‘let’s see what I was up to few years ago’. The journal was from 5 years ago. As I started reading, to my amazement, I soon discovered that many of the dreams then were about what is happening in my life now; in fact quite a few were an insight into the future and had come true already!

I have been working on my dreams and other people’s for more than 10 years. This journey started with meeting Jill Wood, an incredible person and a teacher, who opened up an entire new world, as well as an intuitive resource, for me. (Please take a moment to check books page on my web site, to see my recommended book list on dreams, if you wish to expand your dream knowledge further).

Over the years, this allowed me to develop a universal dictionary of the meaning of symbols in dreams; as well as what the dream, as a whole, means and what message it holds on a personal level. For example, just as each tarot card holds the same universal symbol or meaning; the interpretation of a tarot spread would be entirely different from one person to another depending on the combination of one card with other symbols and where they fall.

This combination is unique to each individual, as would a person’s dream. Although the dream may hold some universal symbols, the dream as a whole represents a unique fingerprint of the individual’s mind and what it is trying to communicate across. Therefore, to fully understand the meaning of a dream, and be able to interpret its language, one needs to develop one’s own dictionary of symbols by keeping a dream journal over a period of time; as well as understand the ‘generic’ meaning of other universal symbols.

Using Oracle cards (such as tarot) as a tool to interpret dreams

I have been asked by several of my clients whether tarot cards, or any divination cards, can be used to interpret dreams. A quick answer is yes! But you do have to be patient as you develop gradual in-depth knowledge of the arcane cards, and what they mean on different levels. Personally, I have always used the Rider- Waite tarot, and Murry Hope’s Cartouche Cards for the richness and depth they hold on an esoteric level.

Some of my clients have used other cards to a successful degree; such as Mandala Cards, or Chuck Spezzano’s The Enlightenment Pack (which, incidentally, is just beautifully illustrated, and a powerful spiritual tool for self-development). In deed some others, have used Silva Method techniques to induce and understand a dream.

How to interpret your dreams?

There are several elements to interpreting a client’s dream, particularly if it is a recurring one. So I ask them to describe the dream, and to talk about what the symbols mean to them, and then to describe each symbol by using one word only- this is to help understand their own dictionary, why their mind chose those symbols specifically.

A tarot spread would then offer an indication of the state their psyche is in, their mentality, disposition, and, what beliefs they hold about themselves. By putting forward the various parts, the client is then able to understand how and why heir mind chose certain symbols to give a message across through the dream. With the information we build together from both sources, the client is then able to gain insight into his own dream language, and the meaning of­ that dream becomes clear.

I recall few years ago, when Client X walked in limping. Later on, he complained about a recurring dream that he was falling from a tall building. We started with the tarot reading during which I saw an immediate connection between the recurring dream and a back problem that had been causing him to limp all his adult life.

The fact that the dream kept coming back indicated that he had an unresolved issue- his mind was trying to get his attention by repeating the dream. Poking further into the dream and relating the information from the tarot, we came to the discovery that he was dropped when three years old, and the trauma had never been addressed. I suggested that he gets some healing, and within two sessions his limp had disappeared. Free of his disability he lost weight, gained, in confidence and became a much more attractive and happier man.

Just remember, the next time you find yourself standing at a fork in the road, or are confused about an issue, before you decide – sleep on it!

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