Developing Self-Awareness Through Dreams

I truly believe that no self-development or awareness journey is complete, without looking into the meaning, or the language, of your dreams. Dreams not only reflect your own fears, hopes, and how you process your life; they also represent 30% of your life-time.

Your brain is ticking along sorting out information and trying to find solutions to your problems, even in your sleep state! So, it is worth you a while to pay attention to, and to try to understand, what at first might seem to be cryptic “messages” that come through in your dreams.

Your dreams are constructed by

  1. Your Beliefs
  2. Your Memories
  3. Emotional Blue Print
  4. Your Current Life Experiences
  5. Your Perspective

Your brain’s purpose is to help you make decisions based on your past experiences, so you can decide which ones are “pleasurable” experiences or memories and are worth repeating; and which ones are “painful” and should logically be avoided.

If you have not come to deep understanding within yourself as to why you had that experience, and what have you learnt from it, you will not be able recover it, or heal it and it will become a stumbling block that you’re not necessarily aware of.

You will often hear people say “I really don’t like” or “I don’t feel comfortable (doing this), and I don’t know why”. So, they will avoid getting into a relationship, or get stuck in a job where they are unhappy, without knowing why, because there is an invalid loop in their “decision-making program” and are unable to decide what the next step should be.

Let’s say that  you negative memory of a break-up, when this goes on for a period of time, your negative thoughts around having relationships tend to gather together, and form a constellation; where by each though enforces the other effectively building a wall around you which stops you from achieving the very thing you desire:

Main Image

Effectively, your mind has formed a re-enforced main image, that is has not been integrated, yet it is one which is full of potential understanding to raise your awareness – again making it good material to explore in your dreams! Moreover, when you fail to assimilate and experience into your understanding, or brain’s decision-making process, your mind will remind you – sometimes when you least expect it through a dream.

Out of The Window!

In my late thirties, I was in a so-called relationship for three years without realizing that it was not going anywhere. The man was illusive and ambiguous, and I thought it was challenging! In reality, I had unknowingly put myself under pressure to find what I thought my family would have called “the right person” because an earlier failed relationship had left an unhealed emotional scar.

One day, during such a time when I thought that “things are ok between us”; I had a dream that this man came over to my place for dinner. The dining table was next to the window, and all my family were seated around the table.

In my dream, he was surprised to find my family there, got confused, and quickly snuck out of the window without introducing himself or bothering to meet them. This dream shook me up, as I was not expecting it – in real life, this man always appeared to have good decorum; however, he had always avoided meeting senior members of my family.

I started to write my dream in my journal, when I suddenly remembered something that my father used to always say to me and my sister: “there are two types of men, a man who come through door, and a man comes through the window”; meaning, a straightforward man with honorable intentions, and the other is a man without scruples.

Well, in my dream the man came through the door, but snuck out of the window! I knew instantly that he was not the right one for me. Although I was initially taken aback by this dream, it gave me a crystal-clear and invaluable insight. So, when this man telephoned me after a while, I simply said: “I am really busy, please call me back in 10 or 15 years” and put the phone down. I did not want to waste any more time trying to understand what he was thinking, or try to justify his actions anymore.

Dreams can help you modulate your behaviour

The more you work with your dreams, the more you will become aware of how you operate your life, the more you will find there is more to know and experience. With perspective, our sense of reality changes encompassing more of what seemed to be initially outside our immediate field of vision. When our perspective changes, this modulates our behavior.

A dream can give you the opportunity to heal, understand and integrate your experiences allowing your responses, actions, or the decisions that you make to evolve too.  When the next experience comes around; you’d be fully aware and in command of creating a new desirable outcome.

I hope that you can now begin to appreciate how important it is to understand the meaning of your dreams; for they are the language of communication between your conscious and subconscious mind and allow you to integrate both in order to awaken and become more self-aware.

©Sahar Huneidi-Palmer, extract from my upcoming book Ketheric Well-being: The Four Dimensions of Change.

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