Curry, Sushi and Falafel: A Childrens Book with A Powerful Message

Childrens Book Review: Great illustrations. Yara Kashlan debut work is utterly delightful!

Curry, Sushi and Falafel© is a children’s book aiming at spreading awareness of multiculturalism and acceptance of diversity.

The core idea of this book is powerful yet simple: through accepting and having the willingness to try different foods, children are able to learn about and accept each other’s cultures; building bridges rather than bullying each other for is different and unfamiliar. Great illustrations. Yara Kashlan debut work is utterly delightful!

“Yara presented her “book talk” today at our school, Sir Ernest MacMillan, in Burlington. She was well-spoken, interesting, and funny. Although the book she read is geared towards primary classes, you could not hear a pin drop when she read it to about 200 grade 7 and 8 students! In the discussion that followed, she conveyed important messages… what is it like to be a 19-yr. old full-time student with a small business, what does it take to get there (“HARD WORK”!.. an important message for intermediate students!), and the importance of bringing determination and passion in everything you do. We would highly recommend Yara!”- Maria Costaki, Intermediate Teacher, Sir Ernest MacMillan School (Halton District School Board)

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