Coming Back Alive: The Case for Reincarnation

Book Rreview: Strongly recommended. Interesting introduction to reincarnation

book by Joe Fisher

This book, originally published in Canada, and with a foreword by the Dalai Lama, is an excellent review of the published literature on reincarnation, with special emphasis on recent books recounting the experiences of individuals.

The book is written in a calm and detached manner. The author notes that belief in rebirth is not exclusively a Buddhist or Hindu idea, that the idea has been present in most religions.

Fisher also points out that reincarnation is not linear, that time “being the product of our mundane consciousness, is no more than a convenient illusion – time doesn’t really exist”. He says that the oversoul – being in a timeless state – can see all the various lives happening at once, but the separate souls can see only their individual existences. He says, “The future is here and has always existed. That is why gifted clairvoyants can foretell what will come to pass; by psychically tuning into a higher frequency they are able to perceive the everlasting present.”

Alan Vaughan is quoted as saying that the “By learning more about the unconscious blueprint of life, we bring to the surface more of our reasons for choosing to be born. We can never, I suspect, know all of our blueprint, for that would rob us of our zest for life.” Fisher also quotes Rudolf Steiner as saying that before the spiritual seed of the physical body descends to the parents who have been chose to receive it, the soul is granted a vision of the life to come. Sometimes, said Steiner, this preview is so shocking that the self draws back in horror.”

The book gives a number of examples of groups of souls reincarnating together and of the idea that individual choose and plan the outlines of their next rebirth beforehand, in order to develop themselves. The author says, ..”in one fundamental aspect the privileged few who have visited the interlife receive the same unrelenting message: We are thoroughly responsible for who we are and the circumstances in which we find ourselves. We are the ones who do the choosing.”

In short this is a well-written and interesting introduction to the whole of reincarnation and I strongly recommend it.

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