Coaching The Corporate World

By Coach Taymour Qabazard

The title of this article immediately makes one think that coaching in the corporate world is serious business that differs greatly to other types of coaching. I am happy to say that in reality it isn’t that much different.

We all see the typical city folk on the tubes, buses and walking up and down the street during rush hour with expressions that signal either severe constipation or dread. Their pace is fast; the head is usually down signalling a constant internal dialogue and worst of all – no smiles to be found anywhere.

They almost look un-human, robotic in their movements and an attitude that is no different to a colony of bees at labour.

One can look at this picture and say: “WOW, I’d love to be part of this – a typical city job”. Nevertheless, within this go getting, serious and prestigious world – the members have become stressed, aggressive, over worked, fatigued and disgusted with their lives. They feel like slaves who are trapped in a world that has no soul. Naturally this epidemic has been on the rise for sometime, and companies have become more and more aware of it. After all we are only HUMAN.

Coaching in areas such as stress and time management

The corporate world has acknowledged this problem, and the demand for coaching has been on an astronomical rise. Coaching in areas such as stress and time management, communication, emotional intelligence, leadership, change (i.e. redundancy or mergers) and self-knowledge has been growing on a daily basis all around this country as well as our globalized world.

It is all about reminding the serious executives and managers not to panic, and that a problem CAN be solved if one explores solutions from all different angles.

Furthermore, coaching allows the corporate client to open up, pour out their fears without fear of being judged and communicate frankly to someone who is objective and NEITHER influenced by the company culture, NOR the limitations in attitude.

Beliefs that limit the human potential

It is about exploring beliefs that limit the human potential, and re-programming it. A belief is a repeated thought that the human sub-conscious absorbs and starts to manifest into a behavior. “Oh, that can’t be done”, “We’re not ready for that”, “I’m horrible at speeches” and “That’s the end of it…nothing can be done” are all clear examples of how we limit ourselves. As Andrew Carnegie once said: “Whatever your mind can conceive and BELIEVE, it can achieve!”

We should never underestimate the power of a thought. A thought is just like a seed, if you plant it, it will grow.  The question is what kind of tree do you want to plant, one that bares you sweet fruits, or bitter ones? You are in control of your own thoughts, and you CAN shift them for the better.

Coaching explores how we think, what we believe and how we behave. We are human, which means we are creatures of habit who stick to the familiar, even if it’s the worst thing for us. A coach comes in with the objectivity needed as well as confidentiality, and asks timely questions that help the client explore new avenues that can alter beliefs and therefore behaviour. Whether in the corporate world, or not – we all can benefit from a coach who is trained to spot where we are going wrong and help us shed our skin for a new beginning.

Coaching: showed and increase in productivity & client relationship

A recent study by Fortune 1000 study showed that companies who undertook coaching saw a 53% increase in productivity and a 37% increase in working relationships with clients. Coaching’s approach is uncomplicated – the brain is no different from a magic tank full of answers, they key is to ask the right questions that allow the brain to process in a fresh way and provide us with solutions that we never thought possible.

Then we explore what holds us back from taking the necessary action; most of the time it’s fear of failure, yet failure is the ultimate learning tool. We automatically limit ourselves with our fears and negative pattern of thinking, whereas 10 out of 10 people who have succeeded are the ones who actually did something and were NOT afraid of failing and trying. This reminds me of something Elbert Hubbard once said: “Worry kills more people than work – because more people tackle it.”

As a coach who has clients within the executive world and out, I can only say that your best friend and worst enemy lie within yourself. The question is which one to you want to befriend?

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