#InstaInfluencer on Social Media

would you buy something just because a total stranger, who is unknown to you personally, says or wears something, regardless of that fact that it may be an awful “object of desire”, badly designed, or simply something that does not suit (nor needed) at all? [more]

True Love …

I felt that I must figure things out on my own. back then, feeling the way that I did, the only way I knew how to deal with the situation was to be hard on myself. [more]

A Blessing in Disguise

As a child, I was extremely quiet and shy. Some of my friends and family can’t probably imagine that I was as I am quite spoken and express how I feel when the situation demands it (at my discretion course). [more]

Are we having an Identity Crisis?

On the one hand, it often seems to me that a cry for independence, or individuation, is analogous to a youngster who seeks to assert his own identity; sometimes at the peril of others or the common good - as in case of North Korea. [more]

My personal “Spring” start

While the month of March is seen as the start of Spring, and all things new; it seemed to me to be more like starting a barbecue where the fire takes off, then suddenly dies down completely and the process must be repeated. I wondered if my personal “spring” has been in extended labour, or did I miss it all together? [more]
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