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Dear Sahar,

Thank you for today’s session. I’m very happy to confirm that I’m still on the right track.  You mentioned 20 minutes for connection, connecting to spiritual guide or something like that.  I’m very curious about connection to spiritual guide now. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best Regards,

Dear Yuichiro,

I feel you need to read the books I mentioned first, as this will help open you up to the idea (start with opening to channel). Then let’s meet. All the best. For a list of recommended books on channelling, please click here.

Sahar Huneidi

Dear Sahar

Thank you indeed for your reply although you seem to be extremely busy. Congratulations on your TV debut.  I appreciate it if you tell me exact author and book title for only one or two books for beginners and introduction of channelling. I cannot read many books in English at once. Last time you introduced several authors. I went to SAGB in Victoria and found one author write more than two title books. I am confused about which book I should read first. I appreciate your help and advice.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,

Dear Yuichiro,

Start with this article:

Merryn José

How To Channel Inspirational Writing: Messages from spirit: “How does ‘automatic’ writing differ from channelled writing? Where does it come from, and how can it help us unlock our creative potential? We look at words that appear to be guided by unseen hands”.

Then: Channelling for Everyone, by Tony Neate (now available also in German from Amazon); will guide you safely, step by step, through the knowledge and understanding necessary for inner development. You will gradually discover your own ability to ‘let go’, allowing wider states of consciousness to become part of your everyday life.

Then: Opening to Channel: How to Connect with Your Guide, Sanaya Roman, Duane Packer, pub. HJ Kramer, Tiburon, CA, 1987. The basics are well explained. An essential starting point. Highly recommended.

And: Contacting & Working with Your Spirit Guides Contact Your Spirit Guides, by Asandra.
I cannot stress too much the unique nature of the process that Asandra has developed including creating original cards as an effective tool. They are not an alternative to other forms of connection with spirit and spiritual awareness; but a completely new, effective, and accurate approach. Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Instruction in how to channel that simplifies the process of contacting your Spirit Guides directly. This desk-top published manual is based upon Asandra’s 20 years’ experience of being a professional channel.

Hope above helps,
Love and light


Just a quick update for you I sent for and last night received Asandra’s contact your spirit guide thing as you suggested. Anyway I had a go last night and did the automatic writing. I got my Nan through which was non scary and nice but a bit bizarre. The pen kind of moves by itself and yet not by itself! I asked if I was making it up and she wrote no you’re not, ha ha ha!! After she spelt her name and I realised who it was I kind of lost concentration and broke the trance, so I’ll go back to it tonight. It was easy like you said, I found my mind still wandered a bit though; does this get easier with practice?? I am going to try and do it every day as you said and see how I go.

 Thanks for all your help so far, I’ll keep you updated!

Take care,
Catherine. Oct 05

For a list of recommended books on channelling, please click here.

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