Reccommendation: A Dream Interpretation Book

the language of your dreams is your own

Dear Sahar,

I hope you are well. I am so much better since I came to see you. You helped me open my eyes and heart to my inner truths, an invaluable gift. I have to tell you that your ‘homework’ is working too! The very first night after your session I wrote down a question and summarised my day. To my greatest surprise, not only did I remember even more vividly every little detail of my dream that night, I found very clear answers to my question! Since then I have continued with this fascinating exercise.

Sometimes it works amazingly well, sometimes my subconscious seems to play tricks on me, and sometimes I don’t remember a thing. But I notice a clear progress, for each question I ask appears to be given a more accurate answer each time.

As I was sitting this morning reading my dreams of the past weeks, I’ve compiled a little list of the main subjects/symbols recurrent in all of them.

There are however a series of other elements that I wish I could have some guidance as for their symbolic meaning. Could you perhaps advise me on a book/dictionary on dream interpretation? I know there are many out there on the bookstore shelves, but I thought I would ask you first in case you know of a particular one. Thank you & once again, you have truly inspired me to find the real answer in my own heart and soul.



Dear Paola,

I am touched and glad that you found reading helpful. Are you still in London? I can’t remember if you were travelling or not. If you are here, you could come for a session dreams, and bring your dreams, and I will try to show you how to interpret them.

There are two dream books that I love, which are mentioned on my web site in book’s page. Read those, but you have to remember that the language of your dreams is your own! Also, read my article on interpreting dreams, entitled ‘Sleep on It!’

Hope you find the above useful, and I am really thrilled homework is working!

For a list of suggested book on Dreams please click here.

Keep in touch about your progress.

Love and light-always

Sahar Huneidi

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