Can I Change Astrological Predictions?

My crime is never having made it financially to support my wife in the manner she would like

Oh My Dearest God in heaven, Is there anyone out there who can point me in the right direction? I am Ronald, age 46, just right now going through a separation and divorce after 24 years of living with the same woman who I loved beyond imagination. My crime is never having made it financially to support my wife in the manner she would like to be. It’s caused me heart ache and pain beyond imagination. I have reached a point where I now at this age when I have absolutely no income or home.

Now here’s the problem. I have been to 3 of the best Hindi astrologers in the past 4 years and all have said that I am going through this period of time in my horoscope called Shani, which is a bad period lasting for 16 years. During this time one can accomplish nothing and marriages will fail and so forth and it has all been true. No matter what I try I cannot move from this space, where once were opportunities and good luck now there is nothing but failure after failure.

I need to know if this astrological reading in my horoscope is something I change through will power or prayers or through Shamanistic rituals or am I bound to suffer and not be able to move in any direction? Will prayer help in such a matter and to whom do I pray….how do I pray, I am looking for an answer, some guidance, some help; I am so desperate I don’t know what else to do but cry quite honestly.

Help me to get back onto my feet, help me somehow to be the man I want to be to provide for my children, create a good creative income, own my own space on this earth on day and help others …then please, contact me and direct me to someone or something who can help me.

Bless you and thank you,

always best wishes



Dear Ronald,

Any psychic or astrology reading can only point out phases and current influences; but you do have self-will, and can steer yourself in a different direction to achieve what you want.

The most important thing to remember is intention and belief. Work on your belief system, reflect on your life and see how you made that “movie” happen, what script did you write for yourself? And when you understand that our minds, beliefs and thoughts attract situations in order to help us learn and improve, you will begin to create the life you want for yourself.

I strongly suggest that you read the following books because your perception of reality and how we are responsible for what we create in our lives will change. When a cycle goes on and on, it is only because we have not really learnt the reason why and the beliefs that feed it and allow it to go on.

1- You Can Heal Your Life [AUDIOBOOK, CD] Louise L. Hay (Narrator) pub. Hodder Mobius Audio 1998.
Amazon UK, Amazon USA.

2- You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought: A Guide to Positive Thinking, by Peter McWilliams & John Roger.”This title is about the power of positive thought – and about how negative thinking can wreck lives.”
Amazon UK
, Amazon USA.

3- Susan Jeffers: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway: How to Turn Your Fear and Indecision into Confidence. A book of advice on how to cope with fear of various kinds of experience, such as public speaking, self-assertion, decision-making, intimacy, being alone, ageing, losing a loved one, and ending a relationship. Amazon UK, Amazon USA.

4- The Nature of Personal Reality: Specific, Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems & Enriching the Life You Know
Jane Roberts, pub. 1994 Amber-Allen Publishing.

You might want to read the Power of Intention too by Wayne Dyer. Please take a look at my Sahar’s Spiritual DIY column, there is a lot of information and exercises to help.

Finally, I do not, personally, believe in the old-fashioned ‘doomed’ astrological forecasts. Read: Why Visit an Astrologer? a fascinating essay on the art of visiting an astrologer. Please listen to: Podcast Interview with US Astrologer Jessica Murray Podcast Interview 1 With Astrologer Jessica Murray. A common misconception is that modern astrology makes predictions… centuries ago astrologers did, and some schools of […]

I hope that all of the above will you to make a mental shift.

All the best,

Love and light,

© Sahar Huneidi-Plamer

First published on Aug  2006

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