B&C Miracle Method Workshop Review

The Miracle Method claims to have “the highest potential to transform and change your life, bringing instantaneous healing in any area of your life – no prerequisite”

Recently, I attended a one-day workshop by Brenda & Charu  in Dubai to learn a new, and breakthrough healing which they have both developed called The B&C Miracle Method. I had been curious about for some time, as a friend and colleague, Katrina Valente, had been practicing it on me and my family for a while.

When I asked Katrina to show me how this method works so I can help family members, she declined explaining that they weren’t allowed to teach it, as The Miracle Method was undergoing registration, trademarking, and certification. Soon enough, Katrina texted me information about a workshop to be held soon; naturally, I was curious; so I signed up!

I knew Brenda and Charu from before, as I invited them to give a demo-lecture on another healing method they use, Bio-Feedback; during a course I was offering in Dubai on Self awakening. Bio-feedback, involved using a very expensive machine and complicated software that comes with it and seemed laborious to me personally to begin to get into; yet it was achieving astounding results. Also, I personally believed that “now, instantaneous healing” is possible – why do we need such a complicated method.

Both, Brenda and Charu, are well-informed practitioners, professional, and are good teachers. However, this Miracle Method seemed intriguing to me personally, because intuitively I had been feeling recently that there is certain “quickening” in earth vibrational energy that allows people to transform themselves and their situation quickly if they were aware and had strong desire to do so. This became apparent to me while interacting with my own clients over the years; I noticed how transformation can take place quickly – many were benefiting form a few sessions only making great leaps, others achieved the same within a session or two!

The Miracle Method claims to have “the highest potential to transform and change your life, bringing instantaneous healing in any area of your life – no prerequisite”. It seemed too good to be true. I showed up on the day, with an open mind, with really no idea of what to expect. I arrived before registration time (traffic was smooth) and found that everything about the workshop was set nicely in lovely surrounding.

There was a big screen to project the presentation on, sound system to go with it, tables nicely laid out with stationary, note books, folder, candy, bottles of water, napkins, and tissue box in front every participant. I registered, and turn around to leave the hall since it was too early, and noticed that a buffet that was set on the side of the hall, with coffee, tea, herbal teas, pastries, fruit wedges, and finger food. Great, time to have a coffee, which was delicious by the way.

The workshop was held at the Holiday Inn, Barsha, on Sheikh Zayed Road; and they seemed to have done a great job, including providing high-speed internet if one needed it! This gave such a relaxed and conducive atmosphere for learning there was nothing else that you needed.

I can’t tell you many details about the method, as it is under registration, and trademarking; but I can however say this. It seems to me that it is loosely based, or developed further, SRT- Spiritual Release Therapy, except B&C have really taken it to a different level designing their own charts – in fact 46 of them! The course I did was the first of four which lead to certification; and uses 6 charts which have already been extremely helpful. The implement of diagnosing is a glass pendulum. We have all been given a wonderful Murano glass pendulum, which you can also purchase from B&C. They recommend using a glass pendulum because it is not affected by the usual vibration, and they taught us how to train our mind to use the pendulum, and train the pendulum which I found to be unique and very useful!

What was also interesting is that whole group joined us, from Saudi Arabia and their Healing Teacher. They came over especially for the day, and decided to stay over one more day in order to take the next level of the The Miracle Method. The next day, B&C established a support group on WhatsApp for all the graduates to exchange information and support each other. I enjoyed that too.

At the start of the day, I posted a message about attending the Miracle Method, and saying “ask me later about it”. It was serendipitous as it was the reason to re-connect with an old client of mine from UK who is a healer and holistic therapist. More about that in the next article!

I found the workshop to be very interesting and useful. I have been practicing on family members and friends since, with amazing results. Strongly recommend it whether you are a practitioner or someone who wants to help their family.

Through practicing so far, I learnt a great deal, about energy, how engrained a core issue is, and even when it is not, like a passing symptom; it can be rooted in a deeper root cause. Some results were in deed instantaneous; others, needed more work on, to allow the energy field to unfold and get to the root. I learned how important it is to ask a precise question; and to address the symptoms not just the causes of an issue.

Thank you B&C for all the effort you put in to develop and teach this method in the professional manner.

If you are interested in a The Miracle Method, contact Brenda & Charu , or Katrina to receive a treatment. Your presence is not required. It can be done form a distance.

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