Source The Force, Be One
By Roeland de Groot
Nov 3, 2005, 12:57

"Science now


that everything is

made of energy-


And that this energy

is intelligent

as it creates itself

to be everything

from air

to the microscopic

to humans

to the sun and the moon.

So why is it

that humans still

think they are


separate from everything else.


Your heart beats by itself.

Your breathing

happens by itself.

Your digestion happens by itself.


The food you eat

the liquid you drink

becomes part of you

and sustains you.


Your thoughts come and you think

"this is my thought.  I thought this thought."

But what made you think the thought?


The thought may have come

because it was something

your mother said

your father said,

your friend said,

you heard it in a movie


but you define the thought as you.


You believe it is who you are

until another thought comes

and then you believe that is who you are.


Meditation is about

allowing all of this to be.

Allowing all of life to flow

through you and as you

as sensation

as energy.


In the deepest surrender

to this constant flow of energy

your boundaries of who you think you are

disappear and you dissolve

into the source


All is deep, blissful, nurturing



and you see life is happening

by itself.

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