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Spirituality : Society  

A Prayer for Peace Today, by Khaled Bazzi
By Khaled Bazzi

Khaled was born in Liberia and has lived in London since 1988; and currently works for a major London-based European new media company. He is also an artist in various media. For the last 11 years Khaled has actively sought spiritual growth and development. He has done several courses, including Awakening the Light Body with Lita de Alberdi and learned about journeying and shamanistic healing through Howard Charing and Leo Rutherford. He has also designed and developed his own divination cards; and had various powerful experiences, which have inspired him to write and share his thoughts with others. Khaled works in IT.

Jul 19, 2006, 11:20

When we watch the news of wars and unrest in the world, many of us feel frustrated at not being able to do anything.  And quite often, as we are not able to help, we end up in heated debate over what should be done, who's right, who's wrong, etc...

While our frustrations and feelings might have their place, they are really of no use to people who are suffering in those war-torn areas.  On a spiritual level, what is really needed is massive doses of prayers and visions of peace.  Please note I did say on a spiritual level.  I'm not talking about the need for diplomacy, medical/other aid, etc.  What I'm focusing on here is what we can do on an energetic level.

Anyone on a spiritual journey is often challenged to remember that the separation we see between ourselves and others is a grand illusion, one we buy into to overcome the challenges it presents.  Unfortunately, one of those challenges is war and the atrocities which ensue.

Those of us in the privileged positions of being thousands of miles away from the misery and fear have the duty not to get sucked into the war, even if it is just a war of words and thoughts.  We lucky ones on the sidelines should take a step back and send prayers of peace at every given moment.

If you think that getting into angry debates and wishing bad thoughts on anyone is of no consequence, then you must think again. Our thoughts shape our reality, and on an energetic level, situations of war and fear need peaceful and loving thoughts more than anything else. 

We will always have our views about what goes on this world; that is absolutely natural.  However, it is our duty as workers of light, as bringers of evolved awareness, to withdraw our energy from the polarities of who's right and wrong, and to use that highly charged energy to send the energy of peace to where it is so desperately needed.

As someone going through that struggle, I share with you the desire for peace and urge you, as you read these words, to stop, as often as you can, and imagine the bright light of peace and love descending upon our planet and its people, in each and every area of this world where conflict burns.  Hold the vision of the people of planet Earth coming together as one, living in peace, sharing the world as brothers and sisters.

This is what the world needs the most right now: your vision of peace. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "We must build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear... That old law about "an eye for an eye" leaves everybody blind... The time is always right to do the right thing... Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.'

Peace doesn't stand a chance if it doesn't even exist in the minds of those who desire it.  Hold this thought, and the vision of Earth saved as often as you can.  Miracles have to be believed in before they can take place. 

Remember that everything you see around you, every minute detail of life was once just a thought in the universal game of creation.  And so for our world to become peaceful and harmonious, it has to be so first in our minds.


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