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Features : Psychic Advisor  

Disturbed by A Medium- Is This How Mediumship Works?
By Sahar Huneidi

Professional intuitive and journalist. Sahar teaches meditation, psychic development; and conducts workshops on tarot, the ancient art of coffee cup reading, and dream interpretation. She is a Spiritual DIY columnist for Prediction Magazine, the original body mind spirit magazine in the UK; Intuitive Horoscope columnist for Sharq Magazine, and is editor and publisher of Sahar also recently launched the first dedicated podcasting service on spiritual and psychic matters on; and - the sound of the inspiration.

May 24, 2006, 11:28

Dear Ms Sahar Huneidi,

My name Is David, I live at the moment in Switzerland- Europe.

I am writing to you about something that happened 25 years ago in London, UK.


At the time I was a student in London and decided one day to attend an open psychic session held by British Psychics Ass. (If I recall correctly).This session was held in a small theatre, one had to pay an entrance fee and one could choose where to sit .I decided to sit at the back-row, because I was only there of pure curiosity. Well, the séance was held by a lady in her 50s and she sat on stage on a simple chair. For the first 40 - 50 minutes she talked to and answered questions from people in the front rows. Then suddenly she pointed towards the back of the theatre and asked if there was someone called David. At first I did not answer, then she asked again , I looked around and realized there were only 3-4 people sitting at the back(just about everybody was packed in the  5-6 front-rows) so I decided to answer her. What followed has scared me for a long time.


She started by saying there were several "people" who wanted to contact me but they where speaking different languages that she could not understand. That did not surprise me; my family is originally Jewish and "spread" just about everywhere. As an example - at home we spoke 5 different languages, Spanish English, French, and Italian and Norwegian - my parents spoke Jewish and Arabic between them. This is no joke. Anyway, the medium told me about some general issues about forthcoming events like moving to a new flat in the fall. But nothing really specific apart from one instance that was pretty accurate, I was going to live with some German-talking people in the near future. In fact my best friend at the time was German and I did spend the coming summer with him and his family.


What really took me by surprise and really scared me was what followed. She started complaining again about all the voices in different languages and suddenly she became very excited and said she could see some very bad things coming. Then she stopped and told me she could not talk to me anymore, what was told her was too bad. She seemed disturbed. She went on with other people in the audience for about 10 minutes then the session ended. I was in shock! For a couple of nights a just could not sleep, worrying about my future. I was only 22 at the time.


This episode has been part of my life ever since. I have had my up and downs during the years, and a couple of times some very dramatic moments!


I am writing to you to ask you if you know what I can do about it. The problem is that is that every time things start going in the wrong direction I get this feeling that the medium was right and that my life is somehow never going to be what I want or expect. Everything is already "written, without a happy ending....

Or is it?


That is my question. Did the medium misinterpret, did I misinterpret or were these precognitions meant on a short range of time? I have read that you are among the very best in your field.

If you ever have the time to answer I would really appreciate it and would be extremely thankful.


Best regards


David B.



Dear David,

I am very sorry that you had such a bad experience so long a go, and probably was your first experience too, which makes it even worse!


From the outset, let me tell you that it seems the medium you attended a demonstration by at the time, was very irresponsible. This is not how mediums work- neither professionally nor ethically.


Spirit communication is, above all, about proving survival of spirit after death. by giving messages that are not only comforting, proof survival but also relevant to you. I do not feel that was the case.


Nothing is prewritten in stone- we make our future, and our thoughts ‘map’ how we achieve that future. So, your first task is to clear your old programming, and work on building positive belief system. Intention is the key word here. Energy flows where intention goes. When things do not manifesting the way we desire, it is only because we believe, consciously or unconsciously, that they would not, so our mind 'attarcts' experiences to confrim the beliefs we alreay have!


Forget what that medium said- in fact I would totally ignore it! Another point I would like to mention here as well, and that is spirit communicate in a manner akin to telepathy, so regardless of what original language they spoke when alive in a body the message always comes through. That is certainly my experience. What she said about she could not understand what they were saying only demonstrates that she was not a well trained medium- in turn the message she delivered is dubious!


Love and light


Dear Ms Sahar Huneidi,

I am ever so grateful for your reply! I have been troubled so long.
Thank you for all your advice and for taking time to answer so quickly :) !!
I am very impressed.

Good luck with all your future work!!!
With my best regards
thank you

David :) :) :)

I have been receiving many questions of general nature, about psychic and spiritual matters from visitors to the web site and readers of PS Magazine from all over the world. I hope to be able to bring readers more information through this free service. To send questions regarding psychic or spiritual matters, or material in this magazine; send Comments to the editorI will attempt to post replies in this column ASAP. Sahar


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