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Mindful Life Style : Well-being  

Discover the Power of Rainbows, by Hayley Jo-Anne Kenwright
By Hayley Jo-Anne Kenwright

Energy Healer, Medium On-line teacher and Psychic. Her articles have been published in national magazines such as "It’s fate" (UK) and "Rainbow News" (NZ).

Feb 8, 2006, 12:45

Hally Jo- Anne
Rainbows are seen by the eye when raindrops are falling in the distance. The raindrops bend and bounce sunlight back towards our eyes.  We know this because of the scientist Isaac Newton who split light by putting a glass prism in front of a narrow beam of sunlight proving that sunlight is broken into seven colours by a prism. 


Raindrops also act like a prism by separating sun light into a group of colours called the colour spectrum which contains red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Therefore rainbows are displays of the seven colours as seen through millions of tiny raindrops in the distant atmosphere. Have you ever seen two rainbows together? They are called secondary rainbows and they are caused when light is reflected twice within a raindrop compared with only once for a single rainbow. The difference with a secondary rainbow is that the colours are in reverse order of the primary rainbow so red is on the inside of the bow while violet is on the outside.


Bridges of Light

Rainbows are a vision of wonderful multi-coloured bridges of light and even though they can be scientifically explained it does not prevent us from telling magical, mystical and inspirational tales about them. Remember the magical favourite “The Wizard of Oz” which was a film that invites us to believe in the amazing world that lies somewhere over the rainbow. In fact if we look back throughout our own childhood and others within different cultures we can recount many stories about rainbows. Pots of gold buried for centuries from little Irish Leprechaun, colours in the sky that came to compromise and unity within the native American legend and seeing fairies dancing around rainbows brings us true happiness are the most memorable of the many rainbow tales told. And even when we’ve all grown up the fantastic images and thoughts that the rainbow allows us to conjure up stays with us and when we see a rainbow in the sky we smile remembering those tales told to us once upon a time ago.


With Fmaily in Sydney
The most popular rainbow legend told is the one originating from Ireland. The perfect weather conditions to find rainbows can often be found in Ireland so maybe this is why the Leprechaun chose Ireland as their home. Leprechauns love colour hence why they frequently work near by rainbows and this is where the legend that says that you can find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow comes from. But of course it is also well known that the crafty little Leprechaun will out smart you. For the closer you get to the rainbow the more it will elude you. Stories say that if we make a wish each time we see a rainbow the wish will come true if we truly believe. So next time you see a rainbow you should make a wish as you can be sure the leprechaun are busy spreading their magic. Make sure it is a truly special wish because if you are a believer your wish will come true according the Leprechaun Legend.


The Power of Seven

The power of the rainbow goes much deeper and doesn’t just belong in science lessons, fairy tales and magical wishes. It has been noted throughout history that the powers of the seven colours of the rainbow are most precious and have meanings that are symbolic and used for healing. Ancient cultures and holistic therapists of today believe that each colour has an individual purpose and meaning so although the rainbow is in fact something scientific they have been used to heal our souls and bring us hope for centuries.

Each of the seven colours has their own healing quality and is equally important in our surroundings to ensure a holistic balance of mind, body and spirit. The different vibrations that colour creates are absorbed within our energetic field which is called our Aura. The vibrations received by our aura create an effect on our Etheric body (the spiritual copycat to our physical body where it is believed that all physical illness will show up first and where holistic healing begins). This is why colour healing is thought to be so beneficial. A healthy strong aura full of bright and vibrant colour is also a healthy mind and body and an aura with weak or unbalanced energy will show up with fewer or duller colours and may possibly even indicate poor health or emotional disturbances like depression, stress or periods of illness.  


Here is the colour healing associations so you can discover the healing powers of the colours of the rainbow.



Key word: Life

Affects: Gonads

Stones: Garnet, Hematite, Bloodstone and lodestone

Scents: Clary Sage/Rosemary.

Encourages: Stability, strength, prosperity, physical health and self control



Key word: Joy

Affects: Adrenals and Kidneys
Stones: Coral/Carnelian
Scents: Neroli/cardamom/Bergamot

Encourages: Creativity and artist ability, open mind and very optimistic.



Key word: Personal power

Affects: Pancreas

Stones: Topaz/Amber.
Scents: Lemongrass/Melissa/Grapefruit.

Encourages: Vitality, Strength of will and purpose, mind power and confidence.


Key word: Balance

Affects: Thymus

Stones: Emerald/Rose Quartz

Scents: Basil/Geranium/Peppermint/Fennel/Eucalyptus

Encourages: Balance in relationships and with self, compassion, and self-acceptance.



Key word: Communication

Affects: Thyroids

Stones: Turquoise/Blue Lace Agate

Scents: Chamomile

Encourages: Self-expression, harmony with others, creativity, good communication, resonance with self and others.



Key word: Intuition

Affect: Endocrine and Pituitary.

Foods: None
Scents: Jumpier Clove/Myrrh

Encourages: Ability to perceive patterns, to ‘see’ and to have visual perception, imagination, intuition, and quite possibly bring out the clairvoyant in you.


Key word: Enlightenment

Affects: Pineal

Stones: Amethyst/Diamond
Scents: Lavender/ Frankincense

Encourages: An expanded consciousness.


You can experience the Power of Rainbow Therapy In the comfort of your own home simply and effectively.


Rainbow window prisms

The beautiful shimmering rainbows that sparkle around your room on a sunny make this a gem of a remedy. Glass prisms are well priced and can be found in most gift or tourist shops also being simple to hang its easy to see why they are so popular. Just hang your prisms in the window that has the most direct sunlight through out the day and as the sun shines through you can watch rainbows sparkle and dance around your room. These prisms bring hope and happiness into your home which lightens the atmosphere for those that live there and the more you hang the greater the effect. Rarer to find are water glass prisms. When they are filled with water and hung in a sunny window the water prisms casts a shower of rainbows throughout a room creating a greater dazzling display of coloured light.


Painting rainbows

To feel uplifted with this method you will have to dig deep into your inner self for some soul healing. Use the seven different colours of the rainbow and a large piece of paper to create a symbolic inner soul masterpiece. You don’t have to use extravagant paints as children’s crayons are just as effective as the most expensive acrylic paints. Let your creativity flow and without judgements allow your paint brush do what it wants as you focus on the situation you wish to find resolved.


When you have finished make notes as to which colours you have or haven’t used also which colour within your painting stands out more and which one less? Use the information you have about colour properties to figure out how you are feeling. The one you have used more will tell you how you feel and the one you have used less or none at all will tell you what you would like to work on.


Rainbow bath experience

Amazing products can be brought world wide for holistic therapies lets use this to your advantage and spoil yourself to a deluxe experience with a rainbow bath.

Here are some ideas to achieve a rainbow bath experience.


  • Rainbow Smell: Aromatherapy oils. (Always follow manufactures instructions and use with care and use the colour chart to find a colour associated scent).


  • Rainbow candles: There are many different types of rainbow candles on the market now that vary in scent and colour. You can even find changing colour candles in many of the larger stores. Shop around and find the one that makes you smile.


  • Rainbow Music: Nothing heals the soul more than good music. Trail your local new age stores for the latest mind, body and Soul colour inspired music.


Rainbow drinks

Purchase colour sheets of acetate from your local artist or DIY store. You can choose the best ones for you from the colour chart provided within this article. Wrap the colour acetate around a bottle of drinking still water the secure with tape and leave on the window still under direct sunlight for one hour. Remove the acetate and sip the water either throughout the morning or evening. The bottle of colour energised water can be kept in the fridge for 12hrs



  • Drink these colours in the mornings before noon as they have stimulant properties: Red – Orange – Yellow – Pink 


  • Drink these colours in the evenings after your evening meal, but before 7pm as they have relaxant properties: Blue – Green – Indigo – Violet

Rainbow breathing

Infuse your room with colour from simple coloured light bulbs you can purchase from most good decorating or lifestyle stores. 

Play back ground music and ensure the room is darkened to receive the full benefit. Place the bulb in either a mains light socket or night lamps then turn on the coloured bulb. Relax and breathe in the coloured light and acknowledging you are receiving healing colour within your spiritual energy bodies. Take long and deep breaths and hold for a moment and then release slowly. Do not try to breathe in too deeply or hold the breath too long so that it makes you feel uncomfortable as you should feel at ease and be relaxed. Continue to focus on the colour breathing for ten minutes whilst listening to your back ground music.

TIP: blue light is good for encouraging a restful sleep and yellow light is excellent in a long winter for seasonal affective disorder.


Rainbow in your pocket

Buy a gem for each colour of the rainbow (they can be found in most new age or health stores at great prices). Small tumble stones are good for this little idea but before you place your gems in your pocket say a little prayer holding your gems. Then leave them outside under the moonlight for a full night. When they are ready place the seven gems in your pocket, pouch or purse and you can bring them out to hold them within your hands and use them as you would stress balls under moments of stress during a work day or other hectic days.


Repeat the moonlight and prayer process during each night after each day that you have used them as this will ensure your gems will not absorb your stressed energies and that they will continue to calm you in moments of need.


© Hayley Jo-Anne Kenwright, 


© Copyright 2006 the author, otherwise PS-Magazine.Com

The publishers cannot accept any responsibility for any damage or harm caused by any treatment, advice, or information contained in this publication.  In the case of illness, you should consult a qualified practitioner before undertaking any treatment. and
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