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Reviews : C.D.'s  

Developing Your Psychic Abilities, By Nina Ashby
By Sahar Huneidi

A professional intuitive, gives spiritual psychic readings, teaches meditation, psychic development; and conducts workshops on tarot, the ancient art of Turkish coffee cup reading, psychic development and dream interpretation.
Spiritual DIY columnist for Prediction Magazine in the UK and editor of Lives and works in London UK.

Feb 10, 2005, 12:45

Nina AshbyI first met Nina as a client. My clients were her students, and we were both recommended to each other. So, when she first launched her instructional CD, Being Psychic, she sent me a copy to review it. Initially, the CD came with an instruction booklet, guiding you how to use the CD and prepare for meditations, before you start listening to the CD.


Nina and her husband founded The Foundation for Holistic Consciousness (F.H.C.) in January of 1984, with the objective of offering teaching related to self development and esoteric studies of various kinds, together with a healing practice based on complementary therapies and spiritual viewpoints. Since its formation many hundreds of students have studied with the FHC, developing their psychic abilities and deepening their knowledge and understanding of a wide range of esoteric subjects.


Nina explains: “Recently I decided to put the fundamental skills I have been teaching onto an instructional CD for the benefit of not only my students, but also for all who have an interest in development. These basic skills of energy awareness and control, cleansing and protection protocols are exercises that I have used and have been teaching for the past 24 years, provide the basis for more advanced inner work. The subtle senses we all possess are part of our innate survival skills and it makes sense use them properly.” was particularly interested in trying the CD, as it was the result of her long experience in the field. I worked with it for a while, and my only comment was that the instructions would be more useful had they been part of the CD. It is easy to misplace the booklet after a while! Nina guides you through the practice in a clear voice; her steady manner explains how to open up safely, and close down. You will find this CD valuable- it’s a classic!


Now, Nina Ashby has expanded the first CD into a 3-CD set. It includes all the exercises and instructions and new tracks have been added according to the topic. Each meditation is preceded by a teaching track, giving background information, then, followed by the meditation track. This way the user can have all the information right on the CD. Nina’s new CD series are a must for the experienced and the novice alike!


CD1 Energy management skills (foundation skills)

CD2 Cleansing & Protection

CD3 Chakra Development


CD 1 Foundation Skills are taught on CD1. Combining teaching tracks with meditation and visualisation exercises, this CD teaches the fundamentals you need to begin managing your own psychic space and developing your psychic awareness.


CD 2 Cleansing & Protection Skills are taught on CD 2 through a series of practical exercises combined with further instruction. Of vital importance to anyone learning to develop their psychic abilities, or who works in any kind of caring or therapeutic field, the exercises on this CD require some competence in those presented on CD 1.


CD 3 Chakra Development is the subject of this final CD. Each chakra is dealt with in turn through an instruction track followed by a meditation. The final track takes you on a journey through all the chakras.


It deals with each of the major chakra centres in turn. Each meditation is preceded by a teaching track that provides you with information about the nature of that centre, what its function is and aspects of our lives that it is related to. By listening to the teaching tracks and doing the meditations you will come to a better understanding of how important these energy centres are to us and how to stimulate them into positive activity. The final tracks are an introduction to and then an actual Chakra Healing Meditation that works through all the centres.


Nina Ashby's Latest BookRecently, Nina published her first book too; Develop Your ESP, a down to earth guide by a professional psychic and teacher on how to develop your psychic abilities. Learn - how to control your own psychic space, about cleansing & protection, about auras and colour healing, and how to interpret the messages you get.


Available at the special internet price of £7.99 plus receive a £2 voucher against the purchase of any "Being Psychic" CD! The book is also being published in the United States, Canada and Australia by Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., New York.



201 Selhurst Road
London SE25 6LB  U.K


Nina, and her husband Douglas Ashby, run the F.H.C. and are both former presidents of the British Astrological and Psychic Society, and served on the executive committee for many years. They continue to be members of the Society. Some of her students have gone on to become qualified therapists in various disciplines and continue to work with the Foundation.

For more details, please visit her website:


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