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Spirit gave her, her name: Asandra.

Interview: I became very interested in Asandra’s work through her column in As a present, before departing on my summer holiday, Merryn booked a Channeling Session With Asandra. Since then she has also helped many of my clients with her readings. I must also add that I do enjoy and recommend that you subscribe to her newsletter. Exclusively for PS magazine readers, Asandra shares, from the heart, inspiring insights into her life, and her work.

P.S. ‘There is so much in a name,’ what does your first name mean? Favourite colour? Soul number (sum of the digits of your date of birth reduced to numbers between 1 and 9; example: 12.04.1956 = 1+2+4+1+9+5+6=3+4+3=1)?

Asandra: Spirit gave the name, Asandra, to me in a meditation.  One day when I was sitting to meditate, I heard the name Asandra whispered in my ear. I always sensed that I had a different name than the one I was given at birth and immediately recognized that it was the name I would now take on.  Within six months I changed it legally.  Although I do not know the specific meaning or source of the name, it clearly represents an energy that I needed to hold to step into my higher expression in this life.  My soul number is four, and my favourite colour is fuchsia which has the fastest vibration of all the colours.

P.S. Why do you do what you do? When did you start? And what is in it for you-personally?

Asandra: Creating art is something that I have been compelled to do since childhood.  I cannot imagine my life without creativity because it brings me balance, wholeness, and communion with my source.  The Channeling work that I do is a little more complicated to explain.  The best that I can say in brevity is that I was called to the work.

I always had a sense that I was destined for some kind of higher expression that involved teaching but never imagined that it would take this form.  I have been channelling for twenty years full-time with an international clientele.  Initially, I was aware that I was helping people find clarity on their soul path. I now know that I am here as part of the consciousness wave assisting in the paradigm shift.

P.S. A Turning point: Was there a teacher, a book, or an event that inspired/influenced what you do, or started you on your path?

Asandra: I began to have spontaneous mystical experiences when I was sixteen. At that time it became apparent to me that all things are emanating from a higher source, interconnected as one.  Living in the illusion of separation after such a profound realization was impossible. I wrote about this in a story published in the book, More Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul, by Arielle Ford ( These spontaneous mystical experiences continued for a year and ultimately lead me to find (or be found by) a Spiritual Master named Prem Rawat. He initiated me on a path that I practice on a daily basis and have been doing so for thirty years.

P.S. What are you working on currently, and what is your next project?

Asandra: I am working on two projects that I am equally passionate about. One is a series of paintings entitled Spirit Dream.  This will hopefully culminate in an exhibition in 2005.  The other is a new web site and book of the same title called The Guided Path.  This will focus on wisdom and teachings from Spirit about the shift into the multidimensional paradigm.  I intend to have the web site up soon, in 2005. The book is in progress.

P.S. A favourite book/quote you were inspired/influenced by?

Asandra:  “He walks within the silence and his benedictions rest on every effort of the soul.” from The Aquarian Gospel. Women Who Run With the Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes is my favourite book. She is also a brilliant public speaker.

P.S. You are going on a much deserved holiday, what treasured items are you most likely to always pack and take with you?

Asandra: Probably as little as possible, so that I can have “space” available to absorb new experiences.

P.S. What would you like to be when you ‘grow up’?

Asandra: A bright spark of light.

P.S. When you are not working, how do you have fun?

Asandra: The things that I try to include in my life regularly are swimming in the ocean, bike riding, and belly dancing.  And I always love a good party.

P.S. If there is a next life, what would you choose to come back as? Why?

Asandra: I am working very hard in this life to complete my soul’s work and have no intention of returning to this dimension.

P.S. If there is no next life, how do you imagine you would be spending your time ‘up there’ anyway?

Asandra: I believe that we probably continue with whatever we have been doing here but without the restrictions and limitations that are often experienced.  I imagine there are no limits in the grand cosmos and it sure would be fun to travel through the infinite.

To learn more about Asandra, visit, and read her Channelling column in our affiliate magazine,

Podcast Interview with Asandra – professional channeller, USA.

Spirit gave her, her name: Asandra. She started having spontaneous mystical experiences at the age of sixteen. Today, Asandra expresses herself as a multidimensional being through her work as an artist, writer, and metaphysician. In this interview, we discuss what channelling is, and how it can be useful as well as practical.


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