Are You Ready For Summer?

For many of us, as the school year ends, the summer holidays beckon (unless you live in the southern hemisphere, you’ll be about getting ready for winter. Traditionally, this has been the time when I catch up on my reading and chose a few books for the summer.

Fortunately, a few days ago, a review copy Stewart Pearce’s arrived: Angels and the Keys to Paradise: Ancient Egyptian Ascension Codes to Open Your Door to Heaven; which I have not read before! I will interviewing Stewart Pearce on Bridges of light on July 2nd, 2019. Join our group to be able to watch.

The other usual concern at this time, is our physical appearance, and whether or not our body is fit for the beach, or elsewhere (here in Dubai, it’s too hot to even venture outdoors, except very early in the morning, let alone go the beach. Next week the temperature is expected to soar to 64 degrees Celsius (that’s 147 Fahrenheit).

Click here, to listen to my podcast interview with personal trainer Lee Heywood and how our body is an expression of who we are; and watch Katrina Valente’s tips for protecting your skin during the summer. Katrina and I will be starting a new talk show on YouTube called Loose Lips, and our first episode is going to be on “What Men Want”. So, speak up men, what do you want?

Also, coming up in my free webinar, I will be addressing the physical body in Webinar 3: Meet Your Body, Wednesday, August 21th, 2019. Understanding where and why it hurts. Your body is your vehicle to realising your life goals.

Without it, you are not here! learn how your body can point out what you need to work through and bring it back to life. Register your interest & Join Mentoring Webinars Series 1: #Unbox The Real You with Sahar on:

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