Are we having an Identity Crisis?

Are we, as a collective as well as individuals, going through an identity crisis?

On the one hand, it often seems to me that a cry for independence, or individuation, is analogous to a youngster who seeks to assert his own identity; sometimes at the peril of others or the common good – as in case of North Korea.

On the other hand, I can see other trends evolving. These new trends will impact our lives and change how we live. A different future is a lot nearer than we think. It is emerging right now.

Emergent Technologies

Consider emergent technologies, such as the driverless cars. Imagine if that were to spread to buses, trains, cargo ships (there are already experiments underway) and public transport in general –perhaps even airplanes someday.

What about the economy and the banking system? “The IMF head foresees the end of banking and the triumph of Cryptocurrency”. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency could displace central banks, conventional banking, and challenge the monopoly of national monies.

What impact do we envisage these changes will have on our lives? It is hard to tell as we normally view life from the perspective of the “present”- that narrow window of perception, the here and now.

However, if you place yourself (outside the perimeter of your personal life) say in six months, a year, or even 5 years in the future; you might be better placed to discern the new “landscape” that is emerging.

How do we recognise our true self?

It is something to think about it. How would we handle business operations? What jobs would you (or your children) prepare for? What new skills do you need acquire? How would you go to work? Etc.

How would we re-orient ourselves in our new future-lives? How will we fit in the new emerging society? More importantly, how would we recognize our (true or authentic) identity?

It is not all doom and gloom. Some things will not change; in fact transitions often offer new opportunities, such as exploring who we truly are, and the life we truly want to live.

All of this was racing through my mind as I was writing my self-help book, specifically a chapter on allowing our true self, or our authentic identity, to emerge aligning us with our life-path towards fulfilling our life purpose. And how, as it guides us through the quagmire of life changes – we emerge resilient.

My Voice is My Identity

I was obliged to stop writing and attend to a banking matter: HSBC has sort of blocked my online access because I had not logged on for a while! The short of it is that I had to telephone – the matter could not be resolved online.

I did and was soon prompted by a digital recorded voice asking me to repeat the phrase “My voice is my identity” about five times. Now that my identity was recognized, I was able to gain access my account online.

As I was repeating the HSBC mantra, it brought a home truth back: that our voice is a true expression of our authentic identity. Your specific signature note is as unique your fingerprint or as a snow flake is.

Once you experience living through the expression of your authentic identity, that which is the centre of your being, you would never feel lost – no matter what happens. Please listen to one of the most popular podcasts of a series of interviews with Stewart Pearce on The Alchemy of Voice.

If you have already recognised your “true identity”, I would be interested to know how you arrived at it.

Stay Well,


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