The Art of “Self” Transformation

The Art of Transformation is about a applying a holistic approach to 'dis-ease'

Therapist by Wenche Heard

Norwegian by birth, Wenche lived in England and Zimbabwe for 20 years. “It was with sadness that I left Zimbabwe, a country that has given me so much spiritually; and where I started my journey of self-discovery,” she told me.

I met Wenche through a mutual close friend, Kim Brown.  Wenche and I have always chatted over the telephone for nearly 10 years, but I only met her in person when she moved to England, two years ago. That was a serendipitous meeting. The instant we met I ‘recognised’ Wenche, and we embraced for a long time like long-lost friends!

She is now settled in England and with her husband’s help, has started her own natural therapy practice “The Art of Transformation, ltd.” in Eckington, Sheffield.

Her practice includes ‘life-style’ coaching, workshops and individual appointments where she helps her clients to de-stress, and offers treatments such as Reflexology, Reiki, and Bach Flower Remedies in Sheffield.

What’s unique about Wenche, is her life long experience in healing where she developed a holistic approach using a combination of healing means in treating a condition. AS far as we know, she was the only ‘white’ person to have the unique opportunity to live with the Batonka Tribe for six months, where she learnt their ancient secrets of natural therapy (see her article in PS Magazine). “In doing so, gave me a fuller knowledge of natural therapy than any courses, or books, could ever do”.

Dowsing.. Form a distance!

Wenche’s strength is her amazingly accurate method of remote dowsing the needed remedies from a client’s hand writing, or a photograph – needless to add, in my experience, with effective results. She has helped me, and many of my clients, immeasurably from a distance over a period of time.

The Art of Transformation is about a applying a holistic approach to ‘dis-ease’. Wenche’s vast experience demonstrated to her that causes of illness stem from an inharmonious state of mind will not only hinder the recovery of health:

REIKI: A safe, simple and natural hands-on technique utilising universal life energy to promote health, healing, harmony and balance on all levels. It brings about deep relaxation, detoxifies, dissolves energy blockages, boosts your universal life-force energy and increases the vibrational frequency of your body.

REFLEXOLOGY: Reflexology is gentle massage & manipulation of the reflexes in both feet, to clear the body’s energy flow blockages so that the body and organs can function effectively and normally a feeling of well-being through the restoration of vitality and balance.

MASSAGE: Massage increases blood circulation, stimulates, relaxes muscles, lowers blood pressure and heart beat and can make you feel better than you could ever imagine!

NATURAL FACELIFT: A course of natural facelift via a unique system of pressure point massage. With your own hands you can fight both illness and old age in less than 10 minutes per day.

BACH FLOWER REMEDIES: The 38 flower remedies were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s. Certain wild flowers are selected for their special ability to treat personality and, de-stressing, emotions of the sufferer rather than the physical symptoms of illness.

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