Accredited Traditional Chinese Medicine Programmes

By Dr. Fanyi Meng, MB, MM, MATCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) originates from the medical system of ancient China. The system has its root in Chinese philosophy and clinical experiences. During more than 2000 years of continuous developing, Chinese medicine evolved into a holistic approach to understanding life, human life, health, and disease. Prevention and treatment methods are natural and safe.

T C M is a totally different medical system from Western system. In China, it is practiced parallel to western medicine, and is the conventional medical system. Because of the different approaches and holistic understanding, T C M works well for many conditions when western medicine fails to deliver positive results.

In the last decade, T C M has thrived in western countries. In UK, thanks to the successful treatment of eczema, TCM is now widely accepted as the major complementary therapy, and the demand for it is increasing.

To meet the increasing demand of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine (Affiliated Teaching & Research Centre of Chinese Medicine for Middlesex University-UK) has created a variety of series of educational courses.

Asante Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine was set up in 2000, and is now the top Chinese Medicine clinic in Europe. The primary aim of the Academy is to provide clinical training of Chinese Medicine for students in Middlesex University. Education and research are its main functions. Apart from the university teachings; educational programmes for people from other backgrounds are also carefully designed according to their different needs.

Since 2000, the Academy has trained more than 100 final year students from Middlesex University, more than 50 students have graduated from its professional courses, and 500 more have joined the other courses. It is becoming the most influential institute of Chinese Medicine in UK. The programmes provided include two major categories: Professional trainings and Interesting programmes.

Professional Training could be formal course or weekend course or seminar.

Formal courses include: Acupuncture Course (3 years), Tuina Course (6 months) and Chinese Herbal Medicine Course (12 months). These courses can be completed form 6 months to 3 years and lead to professional qualifications designed for mature students seeking qualified or Certificate Training Programmes. Upon finishing, the graduates will be eligible to join the corresponding professional body and start practicing.

The British Acupuncture Accreditation Board is currently processing the Acupuncture Course for accreditation. The Tuina Course was accredited by British Society of Chinese Medicine and is shifting to Accreditation Board of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Members of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine receive recognition for completing Chinese Herbal Medicine Course.

Weekend courses or seminars usually take place over one or two weekend days. It is an intensive training course in specific topics where experts in the field deliver lectures. These courses are designed for Chinese Medicine practitioners including acupuncturist.

Topics in previous years includes tongue diagnosis, pulse diagnosis, ME & MS, supportive treatment of cancer, allergic disorders, patent herbal medicine, dietary in Chinese medicine, and so on. The course is recognised by PGEA authority, and therefore the attendants will get CPD credits from the training.

Interesting Programmes are lectures and talks to the public who are interested in Chinese medicine but do not wish to proceed into a professional level. The audiences are mostly patients and their family members, as well as health professions.

The content of this kind of programmes are focused on the understanding of basic concepts of Chinese medicine, life style, life and death, food and nutrition, Taiji and Qigong, preventing diseases, senile problems, female problems, baby massage, ear acupuncture and so on.

Most of these programmes are jointly run by Asante Academy and other organisations, i.e. library, churches, local community, associations of some diseases, health show, and in hospitals.

The teaching team in Asante Academy consists of 20 high profile teachers. Most of them come from universities of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China and have 20 years clinical and teaching experience. The team of regular teachers at the college are:

Dr. Songxuan Ke  MB, MATCM, MBAcC, FRCHM

Pricipal, Programme Leader of Acupuncture Course

Dr. Fanyi Meng, MB, MM, MATCM

Chief Clinical Supervisor, Programme Leader of Chinese Herbal Medicine
For specific course details, please contact the manager.
For individual training, please consult Dr. Fanyi Meng.
Tel.: 020 7272 6888, Fax: 020 7272 1998,, @AsanteAcademy

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