About PS-Magazine

About PS-Magazine

PS-Magazine.com is a dedicated online resource, concerned with holistic self-development, development of intuitive faculties, including psychic matters and spiritual consciousness; life coaching and well-being; first launched on April 1st 2003. I believe it’s UK’s first holistic on-line magazine- if not the world’s first!

The original concept was developed as a result of concern with the lack of high quality information on the Internet dealing with psychic and spiritual matters, and the desire to provide material for my clients. It has now evolved, with the assistance of friends, clients, colleagues and other practitioners, worldwide, into its current form. I am grateful to all those who have generously contributed their work to the magazine. I hope that PS Magazine helps its readers develop a deeper sense of awareness in order to fulfil their life-purpose.

To date, PS-magazine.com has over 1000 articles, including podcasts and videos, and currently attracts over 125,000 unique visitors per month, from 134 countries; making it an international hub of resources and information accessing holistic information, including health issues, well-being, alternative practitioners, psychics, meta-physicians, authors and readers from around the world.

And since the launch of MerlianNews.com towards the end of 2003, with the help and support of my former teacher and friend, Merryn José; both magazines have been actively building a trans-Atlantic holistic internet resource attracting more than 200,000 visitors per month. In March 2006, PS-magazine.com was named ‘best Web Site of the Month’ by Prediction Magazine- the first body spirit mind magazine in the UK.

Both, PS Magazine, and our sister MerlianNews magazine, continue to be a free and non-profit labour of love. You may also use material available on my web sites, all we ask is that you include a link back to the original articles, and also acknowledge our copyright, so others can find and access more information.

It is my privilege to be the Editor and publisher; this magazine and associated web sites could not be maintained without the support of its many contributors.



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