Aaagh! I Think I’m Psychic (And You Can Be Too)

Natasha also believes that we are all intuitive, perhaps even psychic

by Natasha Rosewood
Edition: Paperback

Aaagh! I think I’m Psychic (And You Can Be Too), by Natasha J. Rosewood, is an intriguing book about and internationally renowned psychic Natasha rosewood, who is based in Vancouver Canada. It read like a biographical novel, that you can’t put down.

Page after page, Natasha unravels ‘coincidents’ and changes that shaped her life and made her aware of her destiny; encouraging us, the reader, to do the same! Each chapter is punctuated by `metaphysical endnotes’ that give further `teaching’ on how, for example, to establish psychic boundaries, understand different levels of consciousness, death, and develop a new and different perspective on life. At times, Natasha’s account of her life and the psychic forces that were at play is heartbreaking; yet in never fails to inspire.
Natasha believes she `magnetized’ events to her to help her accept her `psychic awakening’ as she spent many years reluctant to do so. Natasha’s own life roller-coasted between happy memories and sad, painful ones, which she shares candidly and honestly. She writes: “In the beginning my search had been to understand my mother, but now it appears that she had motivated me to understand the Universe… It was my own very private, individual journey, and all I really wanted was to be master of my own life”

Natasha’s writing style is also humorous (there were many incidents when I was in stiches-enjoying a good laugh) and succeeds in demystifying what a psychic is, how a psychic works, and how to find out if you are one. She shares with her reader how her own psychic abilities manifested themselves as she reflects on her life, how her various abilities grew and they unfolded; and that no matter how difficult and painful at times, life can be, it is those incidents that shape who we are and guides us towards fulfilling our lives.

In her book, Aaagh! I think I’m Psychic (and you can be too), Natasha also believes that we are all intuitive, perhaps even psychic, and that perhaps our fear of the unknown, instilled in us as a cellular memory, is what stops us from acknowledging these abilities. Natasha writes: “The most valuable education I absorbed that day, over and above the color of auras and their meanings, past and future lives and the difference between various levels of consciousness, was that we are all, if not psychic, inherently intuitive”

Natasha’s love of travel lead her to an international adventure, and misadventure at times; she speaks six languages and has lived in various countries- adding an cosmopolitan drop to this psychic adventure! And along the way, her abilities unfolded in various too: she learnt palm reading, astrology, Psychometry, developed her telepathy, mediumship, chanelling, and interpreting her dreams.

And although Natasha was reluctant to accept this awakening to begin with, as her psychic abilities developed they helped her understand how we all `write our own movies’, and how we `magnetize’ events and people into our lives who would help us understand and develop our awareness. Natasha’s book, I Think I’m Psychic (And You Can Be Too, is entertaining as much as it is inspiring. She succeeds in engaging the reader by ‘zooming in’ on her life, and then ‘zooming out’ for a ‘big-picture’ perspective on the universal reality of the soul. I strongly recommend it.

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  1. This is a great book. I read it a few years ago.

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