A Quest for Truth

An insight about truth

The truth, Spiritual law, God, The cosmos, Divine consciousness, The rules of life, Source of creation, Heart to the matter, the bottom line; what exactly is the meaning of truth? Some say ‘The truth is inside you’, others say ‘The truth is all around you’, those more daring confess, ‘I am the truth’, while others admit, ‘I know the ultimate truth.” But what is the truth?

According to the Oxford dictionary ‘truth’ means-the quality or state of being true; that which is true in accordance with reality or fact; a fact or belief that is accepted as true, genuine, real or actual, honest. However, real is a matter of perception. A fact or belief is also a matter of perception and understanding. The state or quality of being ‘true’ is also matter of opinion.

So, it would seem that ‘the’ truth is really just a matter of perception and in a universe as diverse and unimaginable as this, knows the ultimate truth is a possible reality for any human being? Perhaps what we are really seeking is greater perception of everything?

An insight about truth

A soul comes from the source, born unto the cosmos. At the moment of separation from source, the soul discovers it is one being alone in a vast cosmos, naturally the soul asks:

“Where am I?”: This birth is a new experience; an adventure and the soul has many lives to explore this apparently new territory. Along the way the souls notices other souls also exploring the cosmos and becomes more self conscious and judgmental of itself and others as a way to understand its place in the cosmos. And then the question ‘Who am I” arises as a means to understand what is being experienced. The soul begins to look within and understand who and what it really is. The soul begins to see the similarities between itself and others. Then in a moment of divine inspiration the souls realises that at the heart of the matter we are very much alike.

“Why am I here?”: With this understanding the soul is now wondering ‘Why am I here?’ Through inner seeking the soul starts to remember where it came from and why it is on this cosmic journey. It remembers the place before birth and begins to connect with the unity, wholeness and oneness of The Source. The soul begins to awaken spiritually as a whole being and lives as a full expression of source; a conscious being, knowing who and what its is, the purpose of its existence and understanding that it is simply exploring the greater aspect of its true self; The Source.

The next question is this, ‘Who are you?’: As souls separate at birth to go out to explore the cosmos, they appear like individual stars in the sky. But look again and you see the cosmos is expanding like a stream reaching out to discover new lands, you and I are the water, one being expanding together; we are the living evolution of the cosmos.

This little cosmic adventure shows me that the truth is evolution; it changes and grows all the time; you cannot nail it down and you cannot explain it. You can explore it, have an adventure, create theories and concepts about it if you like, but you will never know the truth, for it is everything.

To know the truth, you’d have to know how everyone else felt, thought, lived, breathed, survived, evolved … not just people, but also animals, plants, elementals and even invisible forces, not just on Earth or even in this dimension! To know the truth, you’d have to become the infinite cosmos, but then perhaps you already are! At some level I believe that you know THE TRUTH!

If there is truth in this, then my truth would now be to focus on the present moment. For surely if I know myself, accept myself, remember I came from the same place as you and that you and I are one … then I have no need to judge, to fight, to push, to say I am right and you are wrong, to say I am no good or to think bad thoughts, for right now I am something amazing that is having a cosmic adventure with my brothers and sisters.

The question now remains a simple one: How would I love to live my life and how would you love to live yours? Well, destiny has a plan for me, so I don’t have to think too much about that. The truth is, I can only do my best in each moment. I have dreams and goals and I’ll work towards them, but with enough space open to the unknown forces of the cosmos to weave their magik into my life.

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘People plan, God Laughs?’ The truth to me is also about wholeness; this is what I feel we are all seeking. Some go looking for this in a partner, a friend, a community or a family, but look inside and you will find it. You can be in love, together and still be utterly alone if you do not access your inner truth; wholeness. When you do, you will never be alone again.

Souls seek wholeness

They go looking for it outside themselves only to return to the source of creation to find the truth; though returning to source with a greater perception of what that actually means. It’s an infinite journey, there is always a greater perception and always the yearning to return home to be complete, whole, connected; atone.  But this is just my truth that helps me understand life, what matters is your truth. Although, I am sure that if every human sat down and revealed their truth, in essence we’d all be talking about the same thing. The world is our home, we are all here together. We are all seeking the same thing. We have different views, insights and beliefs on the surface, but take away labels, names and judgments and it’s all the same.

Perhaps the truth is in knowing yourself and being true to you; imagine a world where every living soul lived like this; there would be no fighting or war. Wars are not started because people think they are right, but because people are afraid that their truth is wrong; it fear based, for love cannot create wars. Know yourself, heal yourself, uncover your personal truth and you heal the World.

So who are you, why are you here, and what is your truth?

Enjoy the journey!

Warm wishes


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