A Fortuitous Meeting

By Merryn José

Article was first published in MerlianNews, re-published here with permission.

There are times in life when we meet someone for what we think is a brief moment, but energy is sent out into the future, changing and expanding our lives together. This was one of those meetings.

Sahar Huneidi, came to me for a psychic reading about fourteen years ago. The reading went well, and we said our goodbyes. A few weeks later Sahar phoned me and asked if I would teach her to read the Tarot cards.

I explained to her I didn’t want to teach on a one-to-one basis. She left and in a little while, I received another phone call telling me she has organized a small group of people who wished to be taught also. I accepted.

Before the initial teachings, I suggested that the group read, “Seth Speaks” channeled by Jane Roberts. Seth being an “energy personality essence no longer focused in physical form.” The basic premise of Seth being that, we are creators of our physical reality and we have an infinite number of possible futures. This way they could familiarize themselves with my kind of philosophy.

I was extremely busy all week with psychic readings, so I held the teachings on weekends. Everyone was squished together in my tiny sitting room, hardly able to move. There they were, my students/teachers; all staring at me with great expectations. 

I remember the first day observing Sahar she didn’t utter a single word, she just kept writing furiously. At the end of the first day, I asked her, “Are you enjoying this”; or words to that effect. She looked at me and said, “This is wonderful, I am learning so much.” I realized then and there, this was a very dedicated person and she would go far. Well those were prophetic thoughts indeed. 

After I met my future husband, I moved to America, and was caught up in the flow of the New York fast-paced energy. Sahar and I would see each other for an afternoon, when periodically I visited England. In fact, over the next decade we sort of lost contact.

Then one day I was playing around on my new computer and  Sahar’s name came up, as “Psychic Sahar.” I tapped in and saw my name mentioned as her first teacher. Immediately, I was on the phone and we began to catch up on old times. She has established herself as a psychic and healer with an excellent reputation. Her website is really quite impressive with vast amounts of information on all metaphysical subjects and more. 

Sahar has also written many interesting articles on her online PS Magazine  and has a monthly column in Prediction magazine in London, where she is teaching others to take control of their lives.

In spite of her busy schedule she offered to put up a website for me and helped all along with the initial difficulties. This has opened a whole new world for me on many different levels. Who would have known we would be putting out metaphysical and spiritual information on the web? Who would have known this would be such a “fortuitous meeting?”

Well perhaps on some level, we did know!!


Merryn’s web site: www.merrynjose.com , Merryn’s online magazine www.merliannews.com.

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