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Reviews : Workshops

Holistic Spirituality - Workshop Review of The Hoffman Process
By Laura Lian

Jan 17, 2007 - 5:58:39 PM

artist Laura Lina I recently completed the Hoffman Process, .

I'm in a different space.

It's not a better or worse space just a more 'aware' space.

After many years of healing workshops and therapies of sorts for my personal growth I would say this method has been the most profound and holistic for me.

Being an artist I have needed to explore my energy blocks so I can reach to the depths of my creativity and become more expansive to who I really am and not who I think I am from my childhood patterns.

I also needed to do this to alleviate my fear of being 'exposed'. It wasn't my art I was worried about people being critical of as I know I have enough support from clients and admirers of my work, I'm confident here, it was 'myself' I felt would be annihilated if I make a big stand forward and say "here I am and this is what I do" in the world at large.

As a child, when I spoke up, both parents shut me down and with harsh criticism. I simply didn’t have a voice and worse felt attacked and annihilated when I spoke my mind. I've had to work on my fear of failure as well as success. Doing the Hoffman Process took me too deep into those fears and to have the courage to put a spotlight on myself and feel safe to express my true self and not wear any masks.

The methodology is amazing taking me through my whole lifetime in just one week. I went through the most agonizing pain, feeling the depths of my grief and anger. And through experiencing this pain and this has to be gut pain not just a few little tears and angry shouts we then have a chance to alleviate the 'suffering'. We suffer when everyday we are reinacting our negative patterns in daily dramas.

I became more aware of my negative patterns for which I consciously or unconsciously adopted from my parents. I learned about 'negative love', how we adapt ourselves in a 'negative way' to have approval, love, acceptance and respect, this learned by our parents behaviour. How we 'transfer' our negative patterns on people around us to remind us over and over again the suffering and pain we haven’t addressed.

Their healing is the 'Quadrinity': healing on all the levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We have within us all these light bodies and they 'all' need to be healed not just one, i.e. the physical body.

We are all artists forever creating and recreating ourselves, sculpting our body with our thoughts and feelings and creating our reality for better or worse depending on where we are 'at'.

Everyday we unconsciously take out a blank canvas and paint a picture of ourselves and the day, it can be the same old picture or a beautiful new inspiring one, full of hope, love and what we truly desire for ourselves and loved ones.

The Hoffman Process helps us expand on this creativity to find our true selves, be in harmony and awareness; to integrate all our bodies and find our true selves by being whole. This is not a 'quick fix'. It is a 'process'. A process of becoming more aware and awake to who we truly are.

For me it was like underpinning a house with subsidence; to have a stronger grounding and better footing to deal with life and my spiritual growth. There is no point putting a beautiful new roof on a house that is on shaky ground. I feel safer now to explore more spiritual meditation and cosmic travel .What fun!

I left Florence house, which is a beautiful old building that is located in a windswept corner of the country near Brighton, with a 'winged' heart. And will endeavour to live my life to the full and come from my heart where I believe is our true essence and where God resides.

Laura Lian 

The Hoffman Process is an 8 day intensive residential course in which you're skilfully and compassionately shown how to let go of the past, release pent-up stress, self-limiting behaviours and resentments, and start creating the future you desire. Since 1967, more than 50,000 people, world wide, have used the techniques of Hoffman to achieve personal strength, clarity, and inner peace. They have also felt the benefits of developing loving relationships with family members and being able to communicate more effectively at home and at work.


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