8 Points You Must Know Before Getting a Psychic Reading

we are all the masters of our own destiny

My experiences in life, as well as the feedback I received from clients over twenty-five years, re-affirmed my belief that we are all the masters of our own destiny.

When I first started working as a professional psychic, more than twenty-five years ago, I used to begin by explaining the following eight life hacks to new clients. The interesting thing is that during all that time, I almost always received the same reaction – a raised eyebrow in disbelief.

Gradually, in the light of their reading, and through their own life experiences; my new clients began to experience that “beliefs attract experiences” – not bad luck, or being born under the wrong start alignment. I steered my readings then towards making a client aware of how they can “direct” their lives, just like a movie, by holding themselves accountable for the experience they generate. Accountability, I believe, is the single most empowering quality one can develop – owning your own life!

My path developed to me becoming a Holistic counsellor, and I no longer give predictive readings for the same reason which is that I truly believe we make our own future. For the past few years, I have been coaching my clients on how to do so.

Here are my 8 hacks on psychic readings and good psychics:

  1. We all have free will.
  2. No one knows the future but you.
  3. Nothing is pre-written in stone.
  4. What you call “destiny” is really about learning how to ‘steer’ among the myriad of choices, and decisions that you take each day.
  5. Learn to recognise real opportunities from false ones.
  6. A good psychic reading therefore, shows you the map, various routs and possibilities, perhaps even points out certain ‘exit signs’, and particular details which could help guide on your journey towards your destination.
  7. It is your ‘divine’, and empowering, right to chart your journey.
  8. Without a map, one might get lost, arrive late; or miss the destination all the together!

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  1. Lovely to hear from you, Sahar. I went to a reading in London with you many moons ago. In fact, there’s a segment on my reading with you in my Memoir, Red Hat, Greet Boots by Barbara E Doran, available on Amazon. I hope you don’t mind me posting it here. I’m off to read the other articles now.

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