The Palmist Tree of Life

the skill comes in relating the planetary ruler and body organs of that particular finger

The tree of knowledge is there for us all, nowhere is the fruit of this tree in greater demand than in the current realms of the paranormal.

As a result of 50 years research and practise, I would like to show how the hand draws its nourishment and energy from the base of the palm, as epitomised in the roots of the tree, and assists this energy out through the fingers, the tree will bear its fruit in the mounts and particularly the fingers.  Obviously a larger than normal mount or finger will partake of more energy so will have emphasis in that sector. Generally this “chi” or energy is more positive in nature with lines that run down the palm, cross running lines impede this flow, if you look at your hand now remember, any area with many crossing lines tells of a problem area, in health, career emotions or life path, this is technically called a “grid” and means just that, gridlocked energies in that sector. This also relates to lines on the fingers, as the lines here tend to come and go.

If you consider your own hand, a thick firm mount of Venus, under the thumb, gives the tree physical energy, the mount opposite, the Moon mount, gives artistic and intuitive potential from ancestral memories lodged in the psyche.  The centre of the palm, plus the bracelets, those 3 lines that cross the wrist/palm boundary, added together show that the tree draws its nourishment from this sector, which modern palmistry calls the Neptune mount.

The 3 divisions of the fingers also relate to the divisions of the palm,  and  the 12 divisions in the finger known as phalanges, relate to the 12 zodiac signs, and also to the 12 major trees of the earth, church palmists from the middle ages would relate these to the 12 apostles. Any mount area or finger that is either large or lacking, shows where to look for health, career, emotional or spirit anomalies.

Palmer divisions: Body mind and Soul
The hand from base up to the lower ending of the headline. This is sector 3 and it may help you to mark this with a pen. From this up to the heart line is sector 2. And from this to the finger bases is sector 1. And it helps to read this in connection to the 3 finger divisions of the hand: Basal phalange is 3, the middle is 2, and the tip is 1.

Sector 3 deals with the baser instincts and primary drives, eating drinking and pro-creative appetites. Sector 2 the middle ground of the business world, and day to day recreational activities. And the top section deals with the higher aspects of the emotions, intellect and spirit,

And the skill comes in relating the planetary ruler and body organs of that particular finger, with its intellectual landscape and spiritual type, to the tip shape, and the phalanges, and in timing this to the life-line. The key to remember here is balance. This represents body mind and spirit in its 3 palmer categories, which ally to the finger sections.

Shapes of fingers
Incidentally, Palmistry books tell of fingers being, conic, spatulate, square, or psychic. Palmists do not write books, they read palms, and journalists usually have just copied the mistakes of other journalists, from these books. Of over 20 palmistry books released each year, possibly 3 have any original merit.

It has taken me 50 years to put together just 37 books. If you look at your own fingertip shapes, you will see that: The Jupiter finger is normally conic, Saturn finger is square, and Apollo finger is spatulate, and the little finger is usually also conic. The thumb as a rule is also conic/square, this is important to remember.

Where the tree has its roots, you must look at the raised pads called mounts, and if they are very prominent, or one protrudes down into the wrist area, or there are many lines here, and particularly if any lines come off the bracelets, this activity must be compared to the start of the life line, and Venus mount for past life material. This should coincide with the fate line showing entry into the world, and life task.

Remember to assess the Heart and Head lines, compare these and whichever is the strongest, deepest or longest will determine the area which is to be searched, for prominent outlook, and check the ages of events back to the life line.

Gettings – Chinese system of Palm types
Modern palmists use the “Gettings” or Chinese system of 4 palmer types. Briefly the square hand with short fingers relates to the earth hand. A square hand with long fingers relates to the Air. A longish or oblong shape palm with short fingers is a fire hand, and the oblong hand with long fingers is a water hand. Interestingly these different hand shapes conform to William Sheldon’s body-typing categories. The mesomorph, ectomorph and endomorph body shapes carry a corresponding natural psychological disposition.

Where the tree bears fruit toward the fingers, examine the area for comparisons between the lines of heart and head, this will show the emotional and psychological architecture. A stronger heart line shows that emotions rule the head and thinking processes, a stronger headline shows that the intellect rules over feelings. When the fingers are smooth without knuckle bulges called “knots”, it tells of spontaneity, intuition and a quick grasp for first impressions, artistic types usually have these fingers. When the fingers have heavy knuckles, these knots slow the thought processes, it is as if the “chi” is held back, this gives the caution and deliberation of deep thinkers such as philosophers; they exhibit a mental formula that says they would sooner be sure than quick.

A palm with many lines is called a “full hand” and it shows a highly-strung, sensitive nature that can be anxious and very in touch with feelings, whereas the “empty hand” with few lines show a physically more robust often unfeeling salt of the earth type, in touch with the exterior world rather than the inner world. Carl Jung’s analogy of the introvert/extrovert typology fits this fairly well.

The important thing to notice while compiling palmascope, is any anomalies for as in life balance is everything; balance between fingers, balance between mounts and balance with sectors “for power and might are in your hand”

“Happy palmistry”

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