10 Facts You need to know About Meditation – Which No One Explained to You Before

Meditation is NOT for everyone!

When I first started developing my psychic ability, I was urged by my teacher to attend the Silva Method (see www.silvamethod.com) seminars, a scientifically based programme that allows the mind to access its greatest potential whether in solving problems, accessing guidance or information, healing, including tapping into various consciousness’s including people, animals, even inanimate objects – (particularly useful when it came to fixing plumbing problems and refrigerators!). I was so fascinated that I attended all the workshops, and completed all the levels.

Unwittingly, I discovered two things: first, that I was really practicing an ancient tool which has always been at humanity’s finger tips: meditation; second that the key to it all was simply learning how to breathe.

Few years ago, I was asked to teach Creative Meditation to a small group of my clients. I asked them why they were interested; the consensus was “to help me relax, to be grounded and to connect with my higher-self”. Meditation certainly does all that. However, beyond relaxation as a goal, in my experience, meditation is a valuable tool for:

  1. Expanding awareness level – reaching new heights of understanding and wisdom.
  1. Integrating body mind and soul – achieving a balanced state of wellbeing. This in turn helps to integrate our own life force (Chi or Prana) into the universal life force making us feel more connected, ‘at one’, and in a state of harmonious living even bliss.
  1. Communicating with Higher Intelligence (higher mind). Wouldn’t that make you feel more relaxed knowing ‘you are never alone’?
  1. Entering a deep relaxed state of mind – where you can begin to perceive a level of reality which otherwise seems to be outside our normal level of perception – almost impossible to perceive when awake. These levels various dimensions of time and space where it is also possible to communicate with a prolific array of consciousness from spirits, guides, and angles, and other celestial bodies (see my article on connecting with the stars); accessing guidance on everyday matters as well as well profound wisdom.
  1. Establishing your spiritual connection – simply by learning how to breathe. Whether you are a novice or an experienced ‘meditator’, the underlying principle is an ability we all have and use all the time without being conscious of: breathing. By breathing slowly and deeply, oxygen intake into the body rises, and this has a relaxing effect in itself, revitalising our organs, cells and relaxing our brain so it is able to function in an ‘altered state’.
  1. Enhancing general wellbeing. “Research in Germany and USA indicates that shallow breathing leads to oxygen starvation which can age the body prematurely, and is a major cause of heart disease stroke and cancer”.

In fact, research in Germany and USA indicates that shallow breathing leads to oxygen starvation which can age the body prematurely, and is a major cause of heart disease stroke and cancer. In a relaxed state, and our brain understands that we are ‘not under threat’. It therefore directs its resources into other functions such as visualisation, imagination and sensory functions seem heightened. In other words, our state of awareness ‘shifts’; the mind is now able to ‘navigate out of the box’ and venture beyond the usual parameters of perception.


  1. It is always best to start meditation under guidance of a teacher. Having mentioned that, you can still make a start by learning to breathe more deeply and more slowly starting at any time and from the comfort of your armchair. The added advantage is, of course, you do not have to pay through the nose for it!
  1. Meditation is NOT for everyone: While we can all learn to breathe deeply and slowly and achieve great benefits, meditation is not for everyone as it is a process that engages the mind and affects mental wellbeing. If you are under sedative medication or antidepressants, for example, this may not be the right practice for you. Other factors to consider include your overall energy type: Yin or Yang. While sitting still and humming ‘OM’ may not be everybody’s cup of tea, you can still reap benefits through moving mediation such as Tai Chi, Chi Qong, and Ashtanga Yoga.
  1. Meditation is about achieving a balanced flow of energy in our system. Active or hyper types may achieve their balance through moving mediation, while quieter types may benefit from quieter mediation techniques such as Zen or transcendental mediation. Creative meditation, which I mentioned earlier, includes a combination of various techniques that include breathing, visualisation, psychic and energy exercises; making it enjoyable and safe to practice by both types.
  2. Any simple act, a hobby, or an activity which you enjoy, can put you in a meditative state.  It does not need to have a grand title for you  to reap all the benefits!


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